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"Super Wabi Tree"
5 January 2021

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B. Thomas on "Tide Coming In"
I would love to stand on this beach and look out to sea. Fine shot.

Ram on "Layers Rollin' In"

Steve Rice on "Layers Rollin' In"
I love this wide view of the beach and sea.

Michael Skorulski on "Layers Rollin' In"
A lovely seascape.

Steve Rice on "Cool Rocks"
Lovely rocks and water.

Ralf Kesper on "Cool Rocks"
Wonderful beach view

Steve Rice on "Pools and Rocks (slightly painterly)"
A lovely scene.

Andy Wilson on "Pools and Rocks (slightly painterly)"
Excellent composition.

Ram on "Pools and Rocks (slightly painterly)"

Anne on "Pools and Rocks (slightly painterly)"

rem_la on "Pools and Rocks (slightly painterly)"
magnifique ce paysage

Steve Rice on "Seal Rock Beach (Low Tide)"
Beautiful rocks, sand, and pools.

Ana Lúcia on "Ethereal"
Magic. I love this.

Ralf Kesper on "Ethereal"
Top tonings!

Florence on "Ethereal"

Steve Rice on "Amazing Flower (Sebright Gardens)"
Very beautiful.

Florence on "Amazing Flower (Sebright Gardens)"
Gorgeous image!

Anne on "Amazing Flower (Sebright Gardens)"

Darkelf Photography on "Vertical Orange (Sebright Gardens)"

Steve Rice on "Vertical Orange (Sebright Gardens)"

B. Thomas on "Vertical Orange (Sebright Gardens)"
Beautiful light.

Steve Rice on "Orange Magic (Sebright Gardens)"
Exotic flowers in a beautiful image.

Ram on "Orange Magic (Sebright Gardens)"

Brian on "Orange Magic (Sebright Gardens)"
Great detail and close up of these lovely bright flowers.

Michael Skorulski on "Orange Magic (Sebright Gardens)"
Beautiful and vibrant.

Steve Rice on "Lovely Lupine (Seabright Gardens)"

B. Thomas on "Lovely Lupine (Seabright Gardens)"
Beautiful image.

Colin at Eyeconic on "Clouds Thru Mountain Trees"
This is superb - love it

Ralf Kesper on "Cool Flower (Sebright Gardens)"

Steve Rice on "Lovely Columbine"
A wonderful image.

Blikvanger on "Lovely Columbine"
I've got purple ones in my garden. It's such a special flower. Nice photo.

B. Thomas on "Lovely Columbine"
I love columbines. I only see them when we go to the mountains. It's probably too hot for them here.

Steve Rice on "Dog Park Wabi BW"
An alien hand reaching out!

Steve Rice on "Sebright Gardens Beauty" Triptych
Beautiful presentation.

B. Thomas on "Sebright Gardens Beauty" Triptych
Lovely and nice presentation.

kiwisa on "Sebright Gardens Beauty" Triptych

Daniel on "Sebright Gardens Beauty" Triptych
Sympa !

Steve Rice on "Sebright Gardens Beauty"
So lovely!

Daniel on "Sebright Gardens Beauty"
Super !

Siepi on "Sebright Gardens Beauty"
lightbalance is excellent.

Linda Candilas on "Hostas closeup"
That is some really nice greens.:))

Steve Rice on "Hostas closeup"
Lovely colors.

Henny on "Hostas closeup"
Very Nice with the light caught in de leaves!

Steve Rice on "Hostas (vertical)"
Incredible colors and textures.

Ralf Kesper on "Hostas (vertical)"
Very nice in colors and textures

Daniel on "Hostas (vertical)"
Super !

Rebecca on "Variegated Hostas"
Those are some big Hostas. Love the texture.

Steve Rice on "Variegated Hostas"

Florence on "Hostas pano"
Wonderful picture! Very well done!

Steve Rice on "Hostas pano"
Fabulous colors and textures.

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