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Magical Fog
11 November 2017

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Thistle Art
3 September 2017

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Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on "The First Day of Summer"
intéressante recherche

LauraS on "The First Day of Summer"
Love the rolling line in this, and the summer depiction. Excellent shot.

badtgv on "The First Day of Summer"

yoshimiparis on "The First Day of Summer"
very nice palette of greens. I admire this landscape

Denny Jump on "Larkspur"
Such a delicate dream this is!! I Love it, Jack!

Steve Rice on "Larkspur"
A beautiful blue in all the green.

badtgv on "Larkspur"

yoshimiparis on "Larkspur"
I did not know this flower that seems abundant in this undergrowth

Steve Rice on "Window to Color Cropped"
I like this one better.

Existence Artistique on "Window to Color Cropped"

Denny Jump on "Window to Color Cropped"
What a difficult choice to make ;-). I guess this one by a hair. Both images are uniquely awesome!!

badtgv on "Window to Color Cropped"

yoshimiparis on "Window to Color Cropped"
Nice landscape. strolling in country corners a little wild is always a pleasure

badtgv on "Window to Color"

Steve Rice on "Window to Color"

Existence Artistique on "Window to Color"

Ana Lúcia on "Window to Color"
Green, green, green... love it.

yoshimiparis on "Window to Color"
this landscape smells good, the freshness of nature pierces this very beautiful image

Denny Jump on "Exploring"
I Love this!! She is having fun ;-)

Steve Rice on "Exploring"
Ha ha, cool.

B. Thomas on "Exploring"
What a great adventure with wonderful sights and smells.

Existence Artistique on "Exploring"

badtgv on "Exploring"

yoshimiparis on "Exploring"
Exploring bushy, leafy places and love getting lost in the woods, that's all iame making a charming little dog

Denny Jump on "Wild Roses"
This is absolutely wonderful, Jack ;-)

Existence Artistique on "Wild Roses"

Steve Rice on "Wild Roses"
Lovely blossoms that draw us in.

badtgv on "Wild Roses"

yoshimiparis on "Wild Roses"
these wild roses are pretty. Their scent must be nice

Steve Rice on "Lovely Purple"

Existence Artistique on "Lovely Purple"

Michael Skorulski on "Lovely Purple"

badtgv on "Lovely Purple"
splendide compo 5*

yoshimiparis on "Lovely Purple"
excellent catch for a small flower that looks fragile but is superb

Steve Rice on "Lizzie on the Trail"
Totally cool!

Existence Artistique on "Lizzie on the Trail"
intéressante recherche

beach on "Lizzie on the Trail"
Love this shot of Lizzie.

badtgv on "Lizzie on the Trail"

Michael Skorulski on "Lizzie on the Trail"
So cute.

yoshimiparis on "Lizzie on the Trail"
hummm this language lets you think that there is good food nearby?

Steve Rice on "Along Oak Ck Rd, Painterly"
Very cool! I like this module.

Denny Jump on "Along Oak Ck Rd, Painterly"
This is Magnificent, Jack! I love that Painterly tool as well ;-)

Existence Artistique on "Along Oak Ck Rd, Painterly"

Blikvanger on "Along Oak Ck Rd, Painterly"
Nice work.

badtgv on "Along Oak Ck Rd, Painterly"
superbe post prod

Denny Jump on "Along Oak Creek Road"
This is so wonderful, and I LOVE those clouds!!

Steve Rice on "Along Oak Creek Road"
A beautiful spring image.

Existence Artistique on "Along Oak Creek Road"

MRG*Photographics on "Along Oak Creek Road"
nice shot

badtgv on "Along Oak Creek Road"

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