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"TNA Boundary"
19 August 2021

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"Super Wabi Tree"
5 January 2021

Recent Comments

rem_la on "Icy Slough"
une bien jolie vue ..............

Harry on "Icy Slough, BW"
good winter shot; your black and white is very effective here

B. Thomas on "Backlit Super Wabi"
Beautiful image.

Daniel on "Backlit Super Wabi"
Superbe composition !!!!

Harry on "Farm House"
simple but lovely. the very restrained processing works well.

Dimitrios on "Marys River Slough Drama"
mmm very good

: Helen : on "Marys River Slough Drama"
Stunning colour

Harry on "Great Graphics BW"
nice color and silver fx processing

Ana Lúcia on "Great Graphics BW"

B. Thomas on 'Winter River Panorama, B&W"
Fine B&W in a nice format.

Dimitrios on "Winter Along South Willamette Landing, B&W"
minimal, impressive

Jason Kravitz on "Kestrel"
Great look at this kestrel. We have many here in Belgium but they are a different variety. I like the blue and orange ...

Daniel on "Kestrel"
Jolie prise !

B. Thomas on "Wonderful Dog Park"
Nice image. Happy New Year.

rem_la on "Wonderful Dog Park"
j'aime cette verdure

Brian on "Sunset, Dog Park"

Ron on "Sunset, Dog Park"
I like the texture, shapes and colors.

Dimitrios on "Sunset, Dog Park"
Superb happy new year

Jason Kravitz on "Sunset, Dog Park"
looks like a lovely dog park, great sky as well

rem_la on "Sunset, Dog Park"
mes meilleurs vœux de santé et de prospérité pour cette nouvelle année 2023

Dimitrios on "Intense Sun'
love it, well done, happy new year

Brian on "A Park for Walkers"
A beautiful photo

Ralf Kesper on "Along Oak Creek Road"
Wonderful view

Dimitrios on "Along Oak Creek Road"
very good, happy holiday season

Le Krop on "Along Oak Creek Road"
Quelle belle image ! *****

Anna Cherer on "Super Cold"
wow ! all is frozen ! be careful ! Happy Holidays !

Blikvanger on "Merry Christmas"
Merry Christmas!

B. Thomas on "Merry Christmas"
Beautiful image. Merry Christmas!

Jason Kravitz on "O Holy Night"
Merry Christmas!

Anita on "Side Light, BuzSim II"
What you did with this image--3 versions--is fun. The third one is my favorite.

Anita on "Side Light, Molten Gold"`
I like this semi-abstract image. Dynamic lines, interesting shapes, and fantastic colors.

Ron on "Side Light, Line & Ink"
Nicely done.

Dimitrios on "Side Light, Line & Ink"
very good, happy holidays

Dimitrios on "Side Light, BuzSim II"
rich colours, super art image

Daniel on "Super Sunburst"
Jolie composition !!!!

Brian on "Oak Creek Road"
Excellent composition

Brian on "Shooting Star Wabi"
I like the colours and different details in the shot

B. Thomas on "Shooting Star Wabi"
Lovely autumn scene.

Ron on "Shooting Star Wabi"
I like the various tones in this shot.

Dimitrios on "Elegant Dog Park Sky" w/ 3. Line & Ink
Great frame and colours

Brian on "Elegant Dog Park Sky" w/ 3. Line & Ink
Absolutely superb

rem_la on "Elegant Dog Park Sky" w/ 3. Line & Ink
ce ciel est fabuleurx

Brian on "Elegant Dog Park Sky" w/ 2. Buz Sim
Excellent image

B. Thomas on "Elegant Dog Park Sky" w/ 2. Buz Sim
Lovely shot.

Anne on "Elegant Dog Park Sky" w/ 2. Buz Sim
Great treatment

Brian on "Winter Colors"
A beautiful composition

Brian on "Elegant Dog Park Sky" 1. Original
Lovely image

Ralf Kesper on "Elegant Dog Park Sky" 1. Original
Beautiful in this frame

Brian on "Winter Colors"
Beautiful amazing reflection

Daniel on "Winter Colors"
Belle atmosphère !

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