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Ralf Kesper on "A Place of Healing (Woodland Meadow Park)
Fine with this green moss.

Existence Artistique on "A Place of Healing (Woodland Meadow Park)

By Marie on "A Place of Healing (Woodland Meadow Park)
I like naked trees

john4jack on "Winter Green, Painterly"
Thanks everyone.

omid on "Winter Green, Painterly"
wonderful !

Gary Hart on "Winter Green, Painterly"
Love that Northwest green!

Ralf Kesper on "Winter Green, Painterly"
Awesome green!

Existence Artistique on "Winter Green, Painterly"
Superbe ce vert

bruce millen on "Winter Green"
Another good find.

Ralf Kesper on "Winter Green"
Wonderful thick moss all over.

B. Thomas on "Winter Green"
It almost looks like a human figure on the left clinging to the base of a tree.

beach on "Winter Green"
What thick moss. I can almost feel the heavy air.

Existence Artistique on "Winter Green"
superbe cette mousse

yoshimiparis on "Winter Green"
the mossy antlers of this tree are absolutely fantastic!

Anne on "Winter Green"
Fabuleuses mousses

By Marie on "Winter Green"

Existence Artistique on "Foggy Trail"
belle allée

beach on "Foggy Trail"
Looks like something out of the Grimm brothers.

By Marie on "Foggy Trail"
A very nice path on which we'd like to take a nice walk

marije on "Spring is Coming"
c'est tellement délicat

Ralf Kesper on "Spring is Coming"

omid on "Spring is Coming"
such beautiful focus, colors, lights & bokeh! L O V E L Y !

Existence Artistique on "Spring is Coming"
superbe cette lumière

beach on "Spring is Coming"

By Marie on "Spring is Coming"
Wonderful light. I love spring!

Dimitrios on "Spring is Coming"
in perfect contrast

Existence Artistique on "Wabi Sabi for Sure"

beach on "Wabi Sabi for Sure"
Beauty in imperfection. Puppy doesn't seem phased by the growth.

Ralf Kesper on "Wabi Sabi for Sure"
Nice wild forest.

john4jack on "Wabi Sabi for Sure"
She loves the Old Growth Forest.

By Marie on "Wabi Sabi for Sure"
Your dog does not seem worried in the middle of this rather impressive vegetation.

bruce millen on "Winter Wabi (Witham Hill Natural Park)"
Beautiful. Good find.

Existence Artistique on "Winter Wabi (Witham Hill Natural Park)"

Ralf Kesper on "Winter Wabi (Witham Hill Natural Park)"
Very nice green moss.

By Marie on "Winter Wabi (Witham Hill Natural Park)"
Très beau

Vaido on "Natural Frame (Old Growth Forest)"
A pure magic.

Existence Artistique on "Natural Frame (Old Growth Forest)"

Ana Lúcia on "Natural Frame (Old Growth Forest)"
Green forest. Lovely.

Ralf Kesper on "Natural Frame (Old Growth Forest)"
Could be a scene of Tolkien.

Ronnie 2¢ on "Natural Frame (Old Growth Forest)"
Ah, the determination of Nature . . strong stuff here !

Jack Larson on "Natural Frame (Old Growth Forest)"
Thank you, Marie.

By Marie on "Hillside Flare"
This sky is really splendid and your capture superb

By Marie on "Natural Frame (Old Growth Forest)"
Magnificent tentacles. A real fairytale forest

Ralf Kesper on "Hillside Flare"
Ths sky is great!

B. Thomas on "Hillside Flare"
Cool shot. Happy Valentine's Day.

beach on "Hillside Flare"
Wonderful capture. Love the sun flair on the clouds.

Dimitrios on "Hillside Flare"

Existence Artistique on "Hillside Flare"
belle lumière

Jack Larson on "Yep; it's winter"
Right now, I would gladly trade.

beach on "Yep; it's winter"
Looks too green for winter. We have a blanket of snow at the moment. Want to trade?

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