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Ralf Kesper on "Ferns, Moss, Lichen BW"
Very nice fine-art-style.

Darkelf Photography on "Ferns, Moss, Lichen"
Beautifully detailed moss and ferns. Lovely lush green tones.

Steve Rice on "Ferns, Moss, Lichen"

existenceartistique on "Ferns, Moss, Lichen"

Ralf Kesper on "Ferns, Moss, Lichen"
Very nice image and framing.

Darkelf Photography on "High Key"
Wonderful high key image.

existenceartistique on "High Key"

Steve Rice on "High Key"
Beautiful snowscape.

Ana Lúcia on "High Key"

Ralf Kesper on "High Key"
Very nice winterscape

Steve Rice on "Wabi Sabi Mess in the Fog, Painterly"

existenceartistique on "Wabi Sabi Mess in the Fog, Painterly"

yoshimiparis on "Wabi Sabi Mess in the Fog, Painterly"
the post-production work makes this beautiful photograph a nice "drawing", a beautiful "painting"

B. Thomas on "Clouds Over the Coastal Range"
I love all the layers.

Elaine Hancock on "Clouds Over the Coastal Range"
A gorgeous view. I love the sky and the rolling hills.

existenceartistique on "Clouds Over the Coastal Range"

Steve Rice on "Clouds Over the Coastal Range"
Looks like rain.

Ralf Kesper on "Clouds Over the Coastal Range"
Very nice landscape image!

Anne on "Clouds Over the Coastal Range"
Beautiful colors.

Darkelf Photography on "Bursting Thru"
Love all the detail and colours.

Steve Rice on "Bursting Thru"
Quite a gorgeous image.

B. Thomas on "Bursting Thru"
Beautiful light.

existenceartistique on "Bursting Thru"
Belle étoile de lumière

Ana Lúcia on "Bursting Thru"
Love the sun!!! ;)

Ralf Kesper on "Bursting Thru"

Steve Rice on "Fog Follows Rain"

Elaine Hancock on "Fog Follows Rain"
Beautiful colors. A wonderful image.

existenceartistique on "Fog Follows Rain"

Ralf Kesper on "Fog Follows Rain"
Beautful, artful and really moody.

Darkelf Photography on "Low Contrast Wabi Sabi in the Rain"
Beautifully presented.

Steve Rice on "Low Contrast Wabi Sabi in the Rain"

existenceartistique on "Low Contrast Wabi Sabi in the Rain"

Ralf Kesper on "Low Contrast Wabi Sabi in the Rain"
Beautiful image.

Darkelf Photography on "Wide Angle Magic"
Beautiful photo at 16mm - wide angle paradise indeed! Wonderful colour tones and light.

Steve Rice on "Wide Angle Magic"
Breathtaking beauty!

B. Thomas on "Wide Angle Magic"
Very pretty scene with the sun burst and lovely light.

Jean-Luc T on "Wide Angle Magic"
Le grand angle crée une nouvelle forêt!

existenceartistique on "Wide Angle Magic"

Ralf Kesper on "Wide Angle Magic"
A really "magic" image. Well done in this hdr-effect.

Steve Rice on "Looking Up"

yoshimiparis on "Looking Up"
what an impressive antler

Ralf Kesper on "Looking Up"
Beautiful image!

Ton cœur adoré on "Looking Up"

Existence Artistique on "The End of our Street"

Steve Rice on "The End of our Street"
The red tree and stop sign mark the end.

Ralf Kesper on "The End of our Street"
You have a beautiful place for living. Very nice image.

Steve Rice on "Looking Back"
I can feel the chill in the air.

Existence Artistique on "Looking Back"
bien agréable

yoshimiparis on "Looking Back"
A superb photograph that brings a bit of mystery thanks to the sumptuous shape of these trees and the fog that still ...

Steve Rice on "Mystical Morning"

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