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Existence Artistique on "River's Edge"

Dimitrios on "River's Edge"

Steve Rice on "Pondering"
Excellent portraits.

B. Thomas on "Pondering"
This is such a sweet portrait of them both.

Dimitrios on "Pondering"
well balanced frame***

Existence Artistique on "Pondering"
agréable lieu

Steve Rice on "Marys River"
A beautiful spot.

Existence Artistique on "Marys River"

yoshimiparis on "Marys River"
this beautifully worked image gives the impression of being the canvas of a painter

Steve Rice on "Up on the Hill"

Ralf Kesper on "Up on the Hill"
Effectful b/w- capture.

Existence Artistique on "Up on the Hill"
bel effet

Steve Rice on Railroad Tracks Over the Marys River, Oil Painting
Super image of the old bridge and river.

Harry on Railroad Tracks Over the Marys River, Oil Painting
wonderful tones, nice composition

Existence Artistique on Railroad Tracks Over the Marys River, Oil Painting

Steve Rice on "Chip Ross, Oil Painting"
Fantastic colors!

B. Thomas on "Chip Ross, Oil Painting"
Beautiful trees and interesting view beyond them.

Existence Artistique on "Sunset Abstract"
Toutes mes félicitations

Ana Lúcia on "Chip Ross, Oil Painting"
Beautiful work and the colors are just great.

Existence Artistique on "Chip Ross, Oil Painting"
bien agréable

Anne on "Chip Ross, Oil Painting"
Très beau

Ralf Kesper on "Chip Ross, Oil Painting"
This is excellent! I love it! 5*

Steve Rice on "Late Fall Colors Remain"
Plenty of colors still.

Existence Artistique on "Late Fall Colors Remain"
bien vu

Steve Rice on "Leaves Falling, Oil Painting"
Quite beautiful.

Existence Artistique on "Leaves Falling, Oil Painting"
belles couleurs

Steve Rice on "Falling Leaves"
Beautiful spots of orange and yellow as they fall.

Steve Rice on "Soft Painterly Wabi-sabi Scene in the TNA"
The trees are alive. I see them moving.

Existence Artistique on "Falling Leaves"
bien vu

bruce millen on "Soft Painterly Wabi-sabi Scene in the TNA"
I'm enjoying the series. Well done.

Ralf Kesper on "Soft Painterly Wabi-sabi Scene in the TNA"
I like this soft look and toning.

yoshimiparis on "Mountain Fog"
Hello Post production work is superbly done

Existence Artistique on "Soft Painterly Wabi-sabi Scene in the TNA"

Harry on "Mountain Fog"

omid on "Mountain Fog"
such beautiful composition, layers, DOF, colors & lights! Lovely work.

Steve Rice on "Mountain Fog"
A lovely tree shines on.

Existence Artistique on "Mountain Fog"
belles couleurs

Ralf Kesper on "Mountain Fog"
Really nice!

Steve Rice on "Horizontal, Dense Warm Fog"

Existence Artistique on "Horizontal, Dense Warm Fog"
intéressant cette arrière

Anne on "Horizontal, Dense Warm Fog"
Très beau

Steve Rice on "Dense Warm Fog, Timberhill Natural Area"
Nice light.

Existence Artistique on "Dense Warm Fog, Timberhill Natural Area"

Ralf Kesper on "Dense Warm Fog, Timberhill Natural Area"
Nice tonings!

Rebecca on "Sunset Abstract"
and Happy Birthday!

Rebecca on "Sunset Abstract"
Well done. Love it.

Merci et bon Thanksgiving à toi aussi.

Existence Artistique on HAPPY THANKSGIVING
intéressant sous cet effet

yoshimiparis on HAPPY THANKSGIVING
absolutely beautiful and strange at the same time Happy Thanksgiving (from France - Paris)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Jack!

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