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Existence Artistique on "Green Wabi Sabi Witham Hill Natural Park"
bien ce tronc

Anne on "Green Wabi Sabi Witham Hill Natural Park"
Love that green

yoshimiparis on "Green Wabi Sabi Witham Hill Natural Park"
this mossy tree .... it looks like the branches continue to grow, getting tangled with those of the others Fantastic, ...

Steve Rice on "Tree with Personality"
It exudes personality.

Existence Artistique on "Tree with Personality"

Steve Rice on "Amazing Light and Graphics in WNP"
A study in fractals. Lovely image.

Existence Artistique on "Amazing Light and Graphics in WNP"
bien ces troncs

Ralf Kesper on "Amazing Light and Graphics in WNP"
Your title is well here.

Steve Rice on "Below Chip Ross"

Existence Artistique on "Below Chip Ross"
bien les troncs

yoshimiparis on "Below Chip Ross"
goblins, wood elves, gnomes .... where are you?

Steve Rice on "City Beyond Wabi Sabi Stand"

Ralf Kesper on "City Beyond Wabi Sabi Stand"
Nice colors style.

Existence Artistique on "City Beyond Wabi Sabi Stand"
bien beau

Ana Lúcia on "Poison Oak"
I like the atmosphere created by the fog.

Existence Artistique on "Poison Oak"
bien vu

yoshimiparis on "Poison Oak"
still trees that might be thought to come out of a forest where elves and fairies

Steve Rice on "Poison Oak"
A good thing to stay away from.

Steve Rice on "Strong & Mighty Wabi"
Love the tree's character.

Ralf Kesper on "Strong & Mighty Wabi"
Beautiful mossy tree.

Existence Artistique on "Strong & Mighty Wabi"

Steve Rice on "Touches of Orange"
Lovely colors and mists.

Steve Rice on "Gnarly Abstract #2"
A wise old owl.

Tomek on "Touches of Orange"
Great image.

Ralf Kesper on "Touches of Orange"
Very nice old tree.

Existence Artistique on "Touches of Orange"
bel arbre

omid on "Gnarly Abstract #2"
wonderful work.

JPA on "Gnarly Abstract #2"
bel abstrait! amts

B. Thomas on "Gnarly Abstract #2"
Cool abstract.

Existence Artistique on "Gnarly Abstract #2"
oh superbe la forme des yeux

yoshimiparis on "Gnarly Abstract #2"

Existence Artistique on "Gnarly Abstract"
intéressant ces orangés qui tourbillonent

Ralf Kesper on "Gnarly Abstract"
Pretty cool!

Steve Rice on "Gnarly Abstract"

Steve Rice on "Exquisite Gnarly, Painterly{
Such a lovely painting.

omid on "Exquisite Gnarly, Painterly{
wonderful abstract!

Existence Artistique on "Exquisite Gnarly, Painterly{
bien ces orangés

B. Thomas on "Exquisite Gnarly"
I find myself looking for faces and animals in that wood. Very beautiful, and gnarly is the perfect title.

Steve Rice on "Exquisite Gnarly"

Existence Artistique on "Exquisite Gnarly"
bien ce rendu

Ralf Kesper on "Exquisite Gnarly"
Wonderful natural grown textures.

Steve Rice on "Looking East, Painterly"

Existence Artistique on "Looking East, Painterly"
beau ciel

Ralf Kesper on "Looking East, Painterly"
Nicely full green.

yoshimiparis on "Looking East, Painterly"
I will eventually come live there by dint of saying I arrive

Steve Rice on "Ground Fog #2"

B. Thomas on "Ground Fog #2"
Lovely misty scene.

Existence Artistique on "Ground Fog #2"

Ralf Kesper on "Ground Fog #2"
This fog layer looks pretty nice there.

Steve Rice on "Grround Fog"
Lovely fog.

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