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Steve Rice on "A Touch of Wabi Sabi"

Eye for Beauty on "A Touch of Wabi Sabi"
i like it.

Existence Artistique on "A Touch of Wabi Sabi"

Steve Rice on "Shooting Star Fall Art"
Lovely colors.

B. Thomas on "Shooting Star Fall Art"
Lovely mix of fall colors.

Existence Artistique on "Shooting Star Fall Art"
Belle couleurs

Ralf Kesper on "Shooting Star Fall Art"
Wonderful coloures!

Steve Rice on "Bleached Wabi Sabi Painterly"
Even better!

Existence Artistique on "Bleached Wabi Sabi Painterly"

yoshimiparis on "Bleached Wabi Sabi Painterly"
Magnificent ! This dead tree stands out very well on this sky of intense blue.

Steve Rice on "Bleached Wabi Sabi"
A beautiful sculpture.

Existence Artistique on "Bleached Wabi Sabi"

Steve Rice on "Autumn Gold Painterly"
Lovely indeed.

Existence Artistique on "Autumn Gold Painterly"

Anne on "Autumn Gold Painterly"
Nice treatment!

Steve Rice on "Shooting Star Sunburst"
Sweet light and lovely presentation.

Existence Artistique on "Shooting Star Sunburst"
c'est une intéressante recherche

Steve Rice on "The Tough Life!"
What a life this little sweetie enjoys.

omid on "The Tough Life!"
:) L O V E L Y !

beach on "The Tough Life!"
Now that looks comfy.

Existence Artistique on "The Tough Life!"

yoshimiparis on "The Tough Life!"
oh .. I thought for a moment see Santa Claus

Steve Rice on "Heavy Rain!"

john4jack on "Heavy Rain!"

B. Thomas on "Heavy Rain!"
This reminds me of what it was like yesterday here, but with a much prettier background. We got over 4 inches of rain ...

Existence Artistique on "Heavy Rain!"
beau ciel

omid on "Rain Cap Over Mary's Peak"
Lovely view !!!!

Steve Rice on "Rain Cap Over Mary's Peak"

Le Krop on "Rain Cap Over Mary's Peak"
Superbe image !

beach on "Rain Cap Over Mary's Peak"
Love the sky!

Existence Artistique on "Rain Cap Over Mary's Peak"
beau ciel

yoshimiparis on "Rain Cap Over Mary's Peak"
My God, how beautiful! The brightness is special and I appreciate these clouds in the background and the composition of ...

Ana Lúcia on "North Seal Rock Early in the Morning"
A beautiful tranquil scene. A lovely composition and image!

Steve Rice on "North Seal Rock Early in the Morning"
So very beautiful.

Anne on "North Seal Rock Early in the Morning"
Very peaceful!

Existence Artistique on "North Seal Rock Early in the Morning"

Ralf Kesper on "Foreground Rock"

Jean-Luc T on "Foreground Rock"
Impressionnant sommet.

Steve Rice on "Foreground Rock"
They are still nicely detailed and have beautiful colors.

Existence Artistique on "Foreground Rock"

yoshimiparis on "Foreground Rock"
photography is a marvel. A beautiful light, a special atmosphere and then the little more ... these few birds in the ...

Steve Rice on "Foreground Rock BW"
The rocks are wonderfully detailed and quite imposing in B&W.

beach on "Foreground Rock BW"

fotosMAX on "Foreground Rock BW"
Rocks, cloudy sky and black birds, every elements are here to make a dark picture. Dark but successful picture. Well ...

Existence Artistique on "Foreground Rock BW"
bel effet

Olivier P on "Foreground Rock BW"
Beautiful landscape ! Perfect B&W ! Well done !

Darkelf Photography on "Heavy Rain"
The dramatic, heavy clouds are superb. I really feel their perceived weight and dimension in this image.

Existence Artistique on "Heavy Rain"
c'est une intéressante recherche

Steve Rice on "Heavy Rain"
Awesome clouds.

Lotta on "It's Pouring Over the Coast Range"
Love the muted fall colors. Such a dramatic sky.

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