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badtgv on "In the Spotlight"

Denny Jump on "Local Resident"
Gorgeous image...I'm loving that Heron (?) down there....

Steve Rice on "Local Resident"
The gulls must be hoping he'll drop one.

B. Thomas on "Local Resident"
He has an almost stark landscape for his fishing.

badtgv on "Local Resident"

Darkelf Photography on "Mesmerizing"
Your title says it all! Superb photo.

Steve Rice on "Mesmerizing"
Lovely patterns and foggy mood.

B. Thomas on "Mesmerizing"
This is a very interesting landscape. What wonderful patterns in the wet sand.

badtgv on "Mesmerizing"

yoshimiparis on "Mesmerizing"
I like this gradient of beige on the wet sand

Aubélia on "Mesmerizing"
Wonderful work.

Le Krop on "Mesmerizing"
♥, a lot !

Michael Skorulski on "Mesmerizing"

Steve Rice on "Leap Across"
The jacket really pops as does Leaping Lizzie.

badtgv on "Leap Across"

Michael Skorulski on "Leap Across"
An excellent walking beach.

Steve Rice on "Primo Tidepooling, Seal Rock Beach"
Looks good for exploring.

badtgv on "Primo Tidepooling, Seal Rock Beach"

john4jack on "My Sweetheart"
Thanks, Steve. Those are cool boots. They need a little sunlight.

Steve Rice on "My Sweetheart"
A lovely portrait! Great boots.

john4jack on "Lizzie, come!"
Lizzie and I both thank you.

john4jack on "Ellie on Seal Rock Beach"
Thanks! I think that she holds her own pretty well in the middle of all of that fantastic natural beauty!!

k@ on "Lizzie, come!"
Aha, excellent and so cute !

k@ on "Ellie on Seal Rock Beach"
Wow the place is as adorable as you're sweetie !

k@ on "My Sweetheart"
She's lovely ! What a solar smile ! Be happy U2 and thanks for sharing this feeling !

beach on "My Sweetheart"
And a willing subject. Hi John4Jack's Sweetheart.

Dimitrios on "My Sweetheart"

Le Krop on "My Sweetheart"
Joli, tendre et émouvant !

Michael Skorulski on "My Sweetheart"

Darkelf Photography on "Ellie on Seal Rock Beach"
Magnificent view.

Steve Rice on "Ellie on Seal Rock Beach"

rbassin on "Ellie on Seal Rock Beach"
une très belle composition

badtgv on "Ellie on Seal Rock Beach"

Michael Skorulski on "Ellie on Seal Rock Beach"
A fabulous place to walk.

Denny Jump on "Lizzie, come!"
There she is Blazing a trail ;-) I LOVE this ;-)

Steve Rice on "Lizzie, come!"
What a girl!

Dimitrios on "Lizzie, come!"

Steve Rice on "Dinner Time, painterly"
Beautifully done!

badtgv on "Dinner Time, painterly"

Darkelf Photography on "Up the Hill" (ReStyle, Quiet Stalking)
Interesting and lovely artistic processing.

Steve Rice on "Up the Hill" (ReStyle, Quiet Stalking)
Beautiful, too.

badtgv on "Up the Hill" (ReStyle, Quiet Stalking)

Denny Jump on "Up the Hill" (ReStyle, Quiet Stalking)
This is Beautiful, Jack!!

Existence Artistique on "Up the Hill" (ReStyle, Quiet Stalking)
c'est du bon travail et bonne recherche

Anne on "Up the Hill" (ReStyle, Quiet Stalking)

Steve Rice on "Up the Hill" (India Ink)
A really nice effect.

Existence Artistique on "Up the Hill" (India Ink)
bel effet

badtgv on "Up the Hill" (India Ink)

Steve Rice on "Looking Up at Chip Ross"
The trees dance.

Denny Jump on "Looking Up at Chip Ross"
The flutter in the leaves from the wind is captivating ;-)

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