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Approaching Storm

Posted by john4jack (Corvallis, Oregon, United States) on 22 April 2009 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

This was taken just a few minutes before the shot on Monday. Squalls moved in and out all afternoon.

Today is Earth Day. "We are called to assist the earth to heal her wounds and in the process heal our own -- indeed, to embrace the whole creation in all its diversity, beauty, and wonder."

- Wangari Maathai,
Kenyan environmentalist, political activist, and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

(PS - the "St. Augustine" that appears is for another quote. Somehow I can't access it to delete it. I'll put the actual quote up tomorrow.)

- St. Augustine

Nikon D700 1/500 second F/10.0 ISO 200 70 mm (35mm equiv.)

Didier DE ZAN from somewhere, France

Very beautiful photograph Beautiful sky

22 Apr 2009 5:12am

mo.langel from Courtelary, Switzerland

Magnifique couleur du ciel! Très belle image! La mer est bien agitée!

22 Apr 2009 5:38am

Sof from Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Joli... il fait pas bon d'aller naviguer... ou sinon il faut vraiment réduire la toile

22 Apr 2009 5:59am

Jean-François from Les Issambres, France

fantastic moment !

22 Apr 2009 6:50am

Nicholas from Shah Alam, Malaysia

Looks like a storm is coming.

22 Apr 2009 6:52am

Suzanne from Huntington Bch, California, United States

Marvelous seascape. Love the stormy skies.

22 Apr 2009 6:53am

chrissy from uk, United Kingdom

loe this seascape and especially the stormy sky

22 Apr 2009 7:12am

khadi from New Delhi, India

Great photo. One can feel the menace in the clouds. It must have been quite a storm.

22 Apr 2009 7:17am

PATRICK from miramas, France

very nice capture thunderstorm which mutters above the sea good moment!!!!

22 Apr 2009 7:20am

Linerberry from Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand

A wonderful stormy sky!!! Hope you got home before the rain!!!

22 Apr 2009 7:22am

Sarito from Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Excellent capture.. dramatic mood!

22 Apr 2009 7:32am

"Marie" :-) from perth, Australia

Magnificent sky Jack, loks like rainfall over on the left of the sky...... great photo once again.

22 Apr 2009 7:36am

Anna.C from LA ROCHELLE, France

excellent atmosphere ! I love the lighting, the movement of the waves and the trees, the menace in the clouds ! great photo !

22 Apr 2009 7:55am

Hidalgo from Herunen, Finland

Wow. What clouds there are in the sky.

22 Apr 2009 8:17am

-1q5yChØt!c- from Persia, Iran

great and beautiful
i love it

22 Apr 2009 8:24am

Magda from Vancouver, Canada

Wow! How fast it can change.... This is amazing! Love the feel to this image! So much drama in the sky and water.

22 Apr 2009 8:26am

xavier cardell from barcelona, Spain

Good job. The only thing I would have corrected is the thin line of grass down the bottom. Either crop it or make it thicker. Just an idea :)

22 Apr 2009 8:30am

Elena Kotrotsou from Drossia, Greece

soooooo beautiful landscape!

22 Apr 2009 8:32am

P J W Miller from Chase Terrace, United Kingdom

Like a scene of impending doom with rain already starting to fall

22 Apr 2009 8:42am

Alivia from Saint-Etienne, France

the ocean in all its states and the electric light of the storm that threatens...a picture of atmosphere is a lot of disturbing .. but so alive ..and the sky so darkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....

22 Apr 2009 9:25am

Peggy M. from somewhere in, France

An image strong and full of natural beauty. I like it.

22 Apr 2009 9:48am

Lylou & Roland from France

Really nice landscape.... with a really heavy cloudy sky !!!

22 Apr 2009 9:52am

Veronelle from Lens, France

terrific ambiance

22 Apr 2009 10:07am

Josep Triay from Bali, Indonesia

great shot, love the natural beauty

22 Apr 2009 11:03am

@Josep Triay: Thank you.

Marie-Hélène Ammor from Casablanca/Paris, Morocco

It seems the storm is there !! terrific ambiance ! beautiful dramatic light !

22 Apr 2009 11:40am

Craig from Vacaville, California, United States

You can see the inbound rain coming down! Cool!

22 Apr 2009 11:51am

Mathilde Collot from Fontainebleau, France

I love these pictures tormented! we are in unreality, in the dream! and it's great!

22 Apr 2009 12:04pm

willow from Chelsea, United States

So dramatic! The constantly changing weather along the coast almost seems a metaphor for life, huh? Beautiful scene.

22 Apr 2009 12:15pm

@willow: You're right, Willow; metaphors abound.

bluechameleon from Vancouver, Canada

I love the power in this shot, how everything seems to be standing at attention, taking heed of the storm. The light is amazing and so is the quote.

22 Apr 2009 12:30pm

@bluechameleon: Thank you, Sharon. I am somewhat surprised that so few in aminus3 seem to be tuned in to Earth Day; from it's inception, it has been big wherever I have lived throughout the West.

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal

Cool. I love the energy in the sea.

22 Apr 2009 12:44pm

Tracy from La Selva Beach, United States

Awesome capture-the angry feeling of the ocean really comes through!

22 Apr 2009 1:38pm

@Tracy: Thanks, Tracy; I am enchanted by all of the moods of the sea. Back in the early 60s, when I first went to the Bay Area, I would go every chance I got and stand on the rocks at Asilomar and feel the wind and the salt spray for hours at a time. There was something primordial about it.

Mariana from waterloo, Canada

Great atmoshere in this photo. Light is wonderful .

22 Apr 2009 1:51pm

@Mariana: Thanks, Marianna. Part of what made the light extraordinary was that when you looked south down the Coast, there was bright sunshine. The rain squalls were quite localized. There is a metaphor in this in that when our vision becomes too narrow, we get a very distorted view of reality.

Chris Parr from Jefferson City, United States

I love images that kick my other senses into gear. When I look at this I can hear distant thunder and smell the mix of rain and salt. So cool!

22 Apr 2009 1:51pm

@Chris Parr: You got it, Chris.

Diane Schuller from Hythe, Canada

Happy Earth Day! This is one of the things both my husband and I love about the Oregon coast is watching the storms come in. Really nice shot

22 Apr 2009 2:23pm

@Diane Schuller: Thanks, Diane. And a Happy Earth Day to you. This is a High Holy Day on my calendar.

Anthony Morgan Lambert from Bielefeld, Germany

A great windswept image.I could look at this all .Super !!

22 Apr 2009 2:41pm

Ajay from Pune, India

Amazing how nature changes the whole mood of the scene in just few minutes. But still it's so beautiful layer by layer, each layer is just amazingly beautiful.

22 Apr 2009 3:19pm

Don from spokane, United States

I love the look of the threatening weather. Those heavy clouds and the effect of wind upon the ocean is always remarkable. Fine image.

22 Apr 2009 3:31pm

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

Happy Earth Day! May God bless our earth.

22 Apr 2009 3:52pm

@Viewfinder: Amen! And may we all realize that the first task that God gave us was to be "stewards" of the earth. (Dominion really means stewardship. And, for certain, it does not mean that the earth is here to satiate our incredible greed.)

marc battault from clermont ferrand, France

beautiful atmosphere, you feel the raging elements!
friendships jack!

22 Apr 2009 4:13pm

Barbara from Florida, United States

As this image projects, we can feel so vulnerable by the atmosphere of the earth, truth is the earth is so vulnerable because of us.
Outstanding capture, Jack.
Great quote for this Earth Day.

22 Apr 2009 4:33pm

@Barbara: Whenever power and responsibility part company destructiveness results. When we look at what we have done to the Earth, we cannot help but weep, and I mean buckets full of tears. The Earth brings such blessing and such joy. Oh that every day were Earth Day!!

oncho from granada, Spain

Que variedad de paisaje,vegetación,mar y las nubes a punto de llover,muy buena

22 Apr 2009 4:40pm

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Magnificent shot, really caught the drama that a storm creates!!!!

22 Apr 2009 4:58pm

Martine from Brest, France

Il est temps de se mettre à l'abri !

22 Apr 2009 5:45pm

@Martine: It certainly was!!

k@ from Paris, France

Threatening AND inviting thanks to your talent !

22 Apr 2009 6:30pm

Yvon from Orleans, France

wow, what a nice shot
wonderful colors, Jack

22 Apr 2009 6:50pm

@Yvon: Thank you, Yvon.

EYES WIDE SHUT from The library of my soul, United Kingdom

These are the photographs that I strive to capture on my travels, but fail miserably to do so compared to this beautiful observation. There is an awareness of beauty in this photograph, Jack, an understanding of nature, that transcends the pixels we view. Beautifully composed, sensitive and appreciative of the gift that Mother nature gives us. I wish this were one of mine

22 Apr 2009 6:51pm

@EYES WIDE SHUT: Thank you, Paul. The Oregon Coast makes the photographer's work a whale of a lot easier.

Isabelle from Liège, Belgium

Very nice, I like the sea and the sky like this too !

22 Apr 2009 7:03pm

Claude from United States

That's my kind of day by the sea!

22 Apr 2009 7:41pm

Mike Paulison from United States

Very nice! You can feel the storm approaching in this shot. Both the looming sky and the saturated colors up front make it very apparnt.

22 Apr 2009 7:59pm

@Mike Paulison: Thanks, Mike. You do some nice work. Wish you would join Aminus3.

observing from North West, United Kingdom

The distrails are visible, looks as though the storm is minutes away. Marvellous shot.

22 Apr 2009 8:18pm

@observing: They came in and out all afternoon. Also they were very localized.

Stunner from Kingston, Jamaica

Great shot! Those skies look mean. I wouldn't want to be outside when it reaches!

22 Apr 2009 8:29pm

Michael Rawluk from Williams Lake, BC, Canada

The natural beauty of storm driven seaside trees is incredible. There could be a whole book of them.

22 Apr 2009 9:01pm

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

Like the dramatic & threatening sky contrasting with vivid colors of foreground.

22 Apr 2009 9:46pm

Michael from Deer Park, United States

great picture! i love the feeling being portrayed. great composition.

22 Apr 2009 10:56pm

akarui from Kagoshima, Japan

Beautiful landscape picture. It is raining in the far end.

22 Apr 2009 11:38pm

jeff (aka dogilicious) from Millerstown, PA, United States

Love the contrasting light from foreground to back. Well captured.

23 Apr 2009 12:39am

JJ from Jersey City, United States

Such a beautiful capture, strong drama in the sky,

As for loving my city, I have to admit before I got assigned here I hated the idea of coming to NY, and wanted to stay in th field thinking i would hate it, and to a degree I did, but once I got into photography I started to appreciate the beauty and interesting things to see here, I am still a country boy at heart and hope to move on in the not to distant future, but enjoying it while I am here

23 Apr 2009 1:37am

Lee from Fort Frances Ontario, Canada

What a difference on lighting and atmoshere. It's amazing how quickly things can change. A very dramatic capture. And an excellent capture for today.

23 Apr 2009 3:12am

amy from Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Wow!! Beautifully captured, Jack!!! Great drama in that sky and the bit of churned brown foam on the left adds to the overall anticipation of the coming storm.

23 Apr 2009 3:21am

@amy: Thanks, Amy; and thanks for mentioning the brown churn; I had totally missed it.

Chris Chisu from Seattle, United States

Just beautiful shot. Nature at its best.

23 Apr 2009 4:07am

@Chris Chisu: Thanks, Chris. I guess you folks were back to rain today.

dj.tigersprout from New York City, USA, United States

simply a beautiful mood -- the sky could be a magical watercolor job!!! faaabulous!

23 Apr 2009 5:46am

@dj.tigersprout: Thanks, DJ. It is a gorgeous spot.

Sarah Schneider Photography from Lancaster, United States

Very dramatic..I like it! =)

23 Apr 2009 3:51pm

Anita from West Nottingham, United States

I can feel the wind!

25 Apr 2009 12:36am