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Gorge Waterfall

Posted by
john4jack (Corvallis, Oregon, United States) on 15 May 2009 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

This is one of the fabulous waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge. The extreme range of light required using HDR.

The tremendous diversity of what I see on aminus3 has put me in a reflective mood and caused me to once again ask some basic questions about my goals in photography. Some of you are excellent photojournalists such as Evelyne Dubos; Evelyne also uses her photography for significant humanitarian purposes. Many of you are constantly pressing the envelope of creativity. For some, this creativity covers such a range that you as the photographer are not easily identified; k@ and Zoom (Florence) immediately come to mind. Others of you have a creative style that for me is more easy to spot; such as Sharon (bluechameleon). A number of you have a commitment to monochrome; Jerry, Annie, Max (although on occasion Max goes a little crazy and posts something in color). Some are drawn to a particular subject matter; I think of Magda and her gorgeous daughters, or Anita with flowers, or Judy with her lovely family. A number have a stated desire to express deep feelings, and there are those who pull it off; I think of Khorshid who takes us again and again into the dark side. Some, such as Sarah, are incredible portrait photographers. Alivia (Dane) boggles my mind and my eyes with what she produces with a point and shoot camera. And we even have some professional photographers in aminus3; the work of Don Smith and Gary Hart never ceases to blow me away, and show me how far I have to go; and I find Don's amateur friend, Scott Schilling, to be in the same league, as is Lee from Ontario. (Don and Gary constantly teach us, not only with their exceptional photographs, but with their commentary. Folks there is incredible free teaching for all of us just for the taking. Almost daily, I offer a prayer of gratitude.) Many whose names I have not mentioned I count among my dearest and most precious new friends; it was at least one of your photographs that created our original connection, but something far deeper now exists, and it is relationships that are of the greatest value to me.

So what about my goals. I desire to be a fine art photographer producing work in both monochrome and color. My subject matter is primarily the natural world, and I am magnetically attracted to macro work with flowers. I want to capture as much as possible in camera. I seek to keep my post-processing to a minimum, doing only what a RAW file requires. Except for occasional fun, I use HDR only when the exposure range exceeds the capture capacity of my camera. I seek a mystical connection with everything that is a part of the picture taking process - camera, subject matter, weather, the rest of the environment in which I find myself, etc. (Photography is an integral part of my spiritual journey, as I have said, ad nauseum.) Simplicity is a constant goal (which I think that I pull off better than anywhere else in some of my flower photographs); integral to this is the goal of embodying a Zen way of life. Having a commitment to Zen, it may seem strange but I also believe that being a part of photographic communities such as Aminus3 and the Willamette Valley Photo Arts Guild greatly enrich my life as a photographer. Although I am a strong introvert, I believe that we are created for community; the Earth is a community; the Universe (think about the word) is a community. Any way that I can use my photography (or any aspect of it) to benefit others, I will do it. I will gladly print anything I have for anyone (my printer size limit is 13x19 in.) for no charge except for shipping.

One thing that I believe strongly is that I have at most (and I mean this quite literally) one fine art photograph a month in me; the truth is more like 4 or 5 decent photographs a year. I sometimes feel like a prostitute putting up on Aminus3 something every day, but that is the only way that I know to stay connected to all of you about whom I care so much. The great Reformer, Martin Luther, said about the Church, "She may be a whore, but she's my Mother." Well you can say about Jack, He may be a whore, but he's my friend.

(PS - I also put up some similar ruminations in a Comment on Barbara's post yesterday

NIKON D700 1/13 second F/22.0 ISO 200 24 mm (35mm equiv.)

Lylou & Roland from Besancon, France

Ahhh ! 1/13 second makes the waterfall fuzzy and gives a really good shot !

15 May 2009 5:37am

@Lylou & Roland: Thank you. When you are shooting at f/22 in these lighting conditions, you better have a sturdy tripod!!

Leena from Joensuu, Finland

Your writing put me think :)
But your walking path and waterfall are very inviting!

15 May 2009 6:20am

Linerberry from Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand

Ah Jack, you words speak mountains!!! I personally think we are honoured to have a great photographer and a great thinker like yourself here on am3. I know what you mean about having a family of friends here. It has certainly changed my life. I love my photography and it has become a huge part of my life moreso since joining am3. I have met so many wonderful people, some have gone away for a while but then they return and we pick up where we left off. I know I get that feeling sometimes that I should not post until I have something I am totally pleased with but then i would lose touch with so many great people and who is to say that what i think is a mediocre shot might be someones favourite! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being an inspiration Jack!! I have so much still to learn!!
Sorry for waffling on. I love the HDR here,,,the waterfall is stunning!!!

15 May 2009 6:43am

@Linerberry: Caroline - Here's the way that I look at it. There are a few photos that I am going to put up on the walls of our house (which I rotate from time to time). Then there are two or three that I take each month to my photo club to share. Three or four times a year, I submit a few photos for competitions and exhibits, And I make a slew of photo cards. All of that constitutes less than 5% of what I keep. Aminus3 is a terrific community with which to share photographs which have brought me delight and joy. I have found that this sharing has significantly enriched my life. Also, because I am sharing something every day, I am working a lot harder at creating better photographs. Part of my point in the commentary was that I don't want to kid myself about the quality of my work. Furthermore, I really don't feel like a "whore" at all; it was a lame attempt at humor.

Mike from Lichfield, United Kingdom

I love how you've captured the motion in the water. A fabulous shot.

15 May 2009 6:44am

@Mike: Thanks, Mike.

Veronique from Sarrouilles, France

I don't understand much about your technical explanation (RAW-HDR-the kind of light you had there) but I very much like this picture, the water, the freshness I can almost feel and the colors.

15 May 2009 6:53am

@Veronique: Thank you.

dj.tigersprout from New York City, United States

TRULY gorgeous work here Jack -- both in this stunning HDR capture and in your wise and wonderfully eloquent words as well! for me the rediscovery of photography in the last 2 years is my current spiritual path -- the road that is leading me back to a certain crossways i came to more than 15 years ago. back then i took the other road, but my life is allowing me the chance to make that decision once again. i cannot tell you how freeing this is -- my move to new york, my unquenchable love for exotic travel, even just the visual thirst i have for color, form and composition is all reawakening, renewing, and helping me become the person / artist i have always meant to be. everything is coming full circle -- and in the next 12 -18 months, i know i will be metamorphosing through different states as my trajectory begins to take me in an entirely new direction. so i feel very much as you do right now -- and it feels amazing!! :) this magical site: am3 has been the true catalyst in all of this and i too am very thankful for the wonderful people / artists / friends & family i have been so lucky to meet and connect with. i have drawn a year of invaluable inspiration, curiosity and praise and support from the wonderful community here -- and i cannot thank everyone (yourself included of course) enough. cheers to all and god bless!!

15 May 2009 7:08am

@dj.tigersprout: Thank you, dj. Your comment is beautifully eloquent. Am3 is not only a place to share our photography, it is a community in which we can share what is on our hearts. (That is very rare.)

dj.tigersprout from New York City, United States

omg -- you got me all distracted and i forgot to mention this shot -- absolutely amazing!!! a 5 star image all the way!! astounding light and color!! bravo!!

15 May 2009 7:09am

@dj.tigersprout: Thanks, dear friend.

Frédéric A. from Païta, New Caledonia

This image is very symbolic for me; The essential elements are interpreted. And the confrontation between humans and the water goes back to what we are. Plenty of water and a little dust of stars. This place is beautiful and full of meaning.
Cette image est pour moi très symbolique; Les éléments essentiels y sont interprétés. Et la confrontation entre l'humain et l'eau nous ramène à ce que nous sommes. Beaucoup d'eau et un peu de poussière d'étoiles. Ce lieu est magnifique et chargé de sens.

15 May 2009 7:43am

@Frédéric A.: Well said, Frederic.

Sarito from Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Great shot Jack...

Wonderful words. Every one of here in AM3 is different (country, culture, perspective,etc.) but we are all united here as a community, sharing knowledge and experience. This is wonderful community!!

15 May 2009 7:52am

@Sarito: Right on, Sarito!!

zOOm from Paris, France

Dear Jack,

I’m back and I terribly missed you too. I spend a wonderful time in Venice, nice weather, not too many people. Two perfect conditions for me.

I’d like to comment your text today for, first of all, it’s a clear tribute to very talented photographers we have on the Aminus community. And I would like to thank you very much for having placed me on your list… (Jack, you’re a gentleman !).

I’m very happy to see that you’ve got an aim, a great goal indeed. Fine Art photography is a challenge for me, it clearly asks for techniques but not only. It also demands what you call a “mystical connection” and above all a great love for what surrounds us. I do think that to make a great photography you need to love what you’re about to capture. This “connection” is mandatory to render beauty itself and the fascination it caused.

I do not worry about you on this matter Jack, because as far as our previous mails are concerned, I do believe that you are definitely walking on this path.
I do understand your point of view, trying your best to use minimum post-processing. I was pretty much sharing this idea when I start photography. I now use post-processing (more or less depending on the subject) on every image I capture. I was really reluctant to PP before… But I have changed my mind, considering that it may reinforce a natural beauty and it serves my constant and endlessly quest for aesthetism. Yes, I must admit that I am obsessed by aesthetism… so I do consider that PP can help, and intensify colors, lines and shapes, and as a matter of fact, intensify the magnificence of the world. In fact, for me, it really respect my own stare, glance. I’m in peace with this way of working though it was not the case in my early beginnings.

Please, don’t be too severe with yourself even it’s a sane attitude to be self critic (in fact I do share your opinion). I’ve taken something like 400 pictures while in Venice, I only select something like 30 of them which can pretend to be posted. It’s a clear cut !
And oh, by the way, you’re not a prostitute ! It can happen to all of us to post images that are not 100% successful or valuables. It happens to me too. But you must also accept that there is a time for quality, not depending on you, it’s day amongst others, an hour, a minute, a red flower rather than a white one, it’s your own appreciation of the day, a mood that will be different tomorrow and that was different from yesterday. It’s a kind of flash (I know you know it)… and there is an evidence, a visual and emotional evidence and… that’s it, you’ve got to capture it.
I will have a look back at your former pictures in your portfolio, because I will be delighted to get a printed copy of one of your pictures. A token of a mutual connection, my friend.

15 May 2009 8:39am

@zOOm: Florence, thank you for your gracious comment. It is very important to me that everyone understands that the goals I have are very personal, and they certainly are not criteria by which I look at the photographs of others. I support every single person in Am3 in setting his or her own goals. Furthermore, my personal goals are not set in reinforced concrete. They have changed through the years, and I imagine that they will continue to evolve. Who knows, maybe next week, I will become obsessed with post-processing. As you well know, creativity covers a huge spectrum. One of the reasons for my putting together my thoughts was that I was feeling scattered. I seemed to be all over the place in my photographic journey. I wanted to regain focus. I think that it could all be summed up in "simplicity" and "mystical oneness." I will delightfully print you anything your beautiful heart desires.

Elena Kotrotsou from Drossia, Greece

That's a super fantastic place to go for a walk, great capture!

15 May 2009 8:58am

Eric Rousset from Grasse, France

Nice one Jack, well composed with this waterfalll

15 May 2009 9:29am

dkc from Xanthi, Greece

You captured one amazing photo of this wonderful path Jack. The waterfall effect is beautiful...and most I really like the "crisis of faith" text that you accompany this are a constant inspiration source for me since I came to the am3 community!

15 May 2009 9:46am

@dkc: Thank you, Dimitris.

jeff (aka dogilicious) from Millerstown, PA, United States

Very beautiful capture. Your words are touching.

15 May 2009 10:29am

@jeff (aka dogilicious): Thanks, Jeff.

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

Read your comments on Barb's post, so I had to drop in to 'critique' your photo: NOT, it's scrumptious, but then again I'm a sucker for green, trees, stones and water, so you've really hit me between the eyes with this fabulous compo. Having said that, I find that rarely would I critique a photo, if only because, I feel my photos, I don't give much care to techniques, so that when I see (feel) someone's photo, their perspective on a place or a thing, or a person, I don't care about anything else. True though that if you can keep the feeling and add the technical knowledge, you can get a pretty phenomenal photo. But I can do without the techniques, but I can't do without the feeling...having said that, I feel really really good about his photo ;)

15 May 2009 11:01am

@Lorraine: Thank you, Lorraine. I agree with you completely about what is primary. For me, it is the connection with the heart and the soul. Just today, in the photographs I have viewed, there are those that are far from being technically outstanding, but they touch something deep inside of me. That is an incredible gift. If my photographs can somehow increase the joy in people's lives and maybe on occasion deepen their humanity, I will be completely satisfied.

Marie LC from Voiron, France

What beautiful place ! it's very amazing

15 May 2009 11:20am

Suzanne Labbé from Granby, Canada

You definitely have a very nice place on aminus Jack. I like very much your work - in each of your pictures, I see a nice touch of sensitivity (I hope my English is ok here :o)) ). This waterfall is just gorgeous. Very nice nature shot. Thanks !

15 May 2009 11:34am

@Suzanne Labbé: Your English is lovely. (Being on Am3 is causing me to think that I may try to learn to speak French.) Thank you for your kind words.

Veronelle from Lens, France

nice road

15 May 2009 11:58am

Craig from Vacaville, California, United States

I'm a sucker for motion blur. Love it here. But it is the light you captured here that does it for me. :0)

15 May 2009 12:08pm

Betty from New Jersey, United States

Your words speak volumes for me, Jack. Thank you.
Beautiful composition, and I love the earhty colors. Your use of HDR is excellent!

15 May 2009 12:08pm

@Betty: Thank you, Betty. This workshop was a big step forward for me in doing HDR. All through the waterfalls area of the Gorge, the range of light was so extreme that no simple, straightforward capture was adequate. In this month long series, I can think of only 2 or 3 posted photographs that ended up requiring HDR. I did a bunch of 5 and 7 shot bracketed bursts to create HDR composites. Unfortunately, when I downloaded them, the composition was lousy. Again, as Ansel Adams said, "The most useful tool in the darkroom is the trash!"

bluechameleon from Vancouver, Canada

After having read your text and also the thoughts that Florence left for you, I have to say I feel the same way. Your images are always such a delight, so deep in their colour and their meaning. This image, for example...1/13 of a second at F22 was a great choice as I find this shot to be a "fine art" photograph and would easily fit into a sight such as Ix. But then I find a number of your images to fall into this same category.

I find that when I shoot I only get a handful of shots that I feel are worthy of putting up here (or anywhere), and then there is the matter of "style" that we all find ourselves labeled with. I don't's really a fine line in some ways of which direction to head. Having seen so many good works here, and in the photoblog community, and then paying a visit to 1x (and being rejected with each upload) is a very humbling experience and raises a lot of questions for me personally.

One's always positive to want to move forward and improve ourselves. You are consistently amazing with your photographs, and this one of those images that will always stay in my mind. (5 stars, wish I could give more)

15 May 2009 12:13pm

Anna.C from LA ROCHELLE, France

fresh and peaceful place ! your HDR processing is a very subtle, great work ! the lighting is perfect. regarding your words, I just want to say I'm very happy to know some others photographers in the world by aminus3, sharing work, thoughts and our own way to see the world around us. My aims in photography is to show some little moments of simple life and the beautiful places I visited.

15 May 2009 12:17pm

@Anna.C: Thank you. Anna, you have a beautiful heart, and it shows in all of your photographs.

Vachel from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

nice composition and view

15 May 2009 12:44pm

Scott Schilling from San Martin, United States

Dear Jack, First of all - fanstastic photograph today - I love the water with the longer exposure - it softens an incredible scene - magnificent work! A wonderful composition also!

You are fortunate to live in what I think is one of the most beautiful places on Earth - the state of Oregon! I enjoy visiting your site each day - For example yesterday's photograph of the flowers was stunning to me! I think the process of taking every photograph prepares us to be ready for that perfect photograph someday that we are always searching for. The work on composition and framing and exposure constantly improves our awareness and our technique and our abilities. I totally agree with your challenge of creating 4 or 5 per year. In 3 years I probably have 10 that I think are high quality out of 10,000. Great thoughts on Don Smith and Gary Hart. I have had the opportunity to spend some time with Don and he is a unique person and an incredible teacher. One of those people that you feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from and always willing to share information and help!

Keep up the great work and have a wonderful weekend!

15 May 2009 1:32pm

@Scott Schilling: Thank you, Scott. I have been blessed all of my life to live in beautiful places.

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

I definitely agree with your feeling of prostitution, by posting a shot each day that may not be some of your finest work. My original intention on this site was to only post "best" shots, but I've found that the contact I have with my am3 friends by posting each day has become an integral part of my enjoyment of this site....And although most comments are not true critiques of the image, I find that my enjoyment of this site lets me put this notion aside, and just be happy to share with others......As for your image, it doesn't appear that any hdr was used, which is the result we look for, and it's a nice capture of that rushing water......

15 May 2009 1:37pm

@Susan: Thanks, Susan. I certainly don't have any desire to change Am3. I am profoundly grateful that it is a community with which I can share not only my photography, but in many ways, my life.

Mathilde Collot from Fontainebleau, France

I was able to translate and read your doubts about photography! Each morning and I wonder about my ability to produce exciting images! Not having your talent my doubts are many. But I think we all have a potential for creativity at to work to find our personal style
! And the taste is so arbitrary! The bible n'excite not for the perfect image! And if I look at the images of some photographers here, I throw my camera and they will not be the same as yours

15 May 2009 1:44pm

@Mathilde Collot: You create superb photographs, dear Mathilde; I seek you out every day.

jeri from United States

Like the warmth of the shot.

15 May 2009 2:07pm

vu@granby - Wolfgang from Granby, Québec, Canada

Great work, and a lot of food for thought in your words!

15 May 2009 2:50pm

Peggy M. from somewhere in, France

wowwwwwwwwwwww ! It's a fantastic vision Jack ! I love it so much.

15 May 2009 3:30pm

@Peggy M.: Warm hugs, dear one.

Jean-François from Les Issambres, France

magnifique cadrage rafraichissant ! j'adore !

15 May 2009 3:43pm

Don from spokane, United States

A gorgeous waterfall, a beaconing path with trees and marvelous greens make one fine picture. Excllent in every way.

15 May 2009 4:04pm

@Don: Thank you, Don.

laur from Clermont-Ferrand, France

Bel endroit, magnifique cascade!

15 May 2009 4:49pm

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal

Wonderful processing, gorgeous image.

15 May 2009 4:57pm

@Ana Lúcia: Thanks, Ana. This is the very first HDR image that I have created with which I have been pleased.

Annie Viguié from Bordeaux, France

i love this place Jack !

15 May 2009 5:25pm

@Annie Viguié: It is gorgeous, Annie.

Yvonne S. from Tilburg, Netherlands

Great place!

15 May 2009 5:30pm

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

Jack, thanks for the depth of commitment and thought which you have added to your idyllic scene at the falls today. You give a lot of us something to work toward, and thus enrich the whole community.

15 May 2009 5:45pm

@Viewfinder: Thank you. Am3 is the only place I know of where I can share these kinds of thought; not to mention, have people seriously respond.

Ajay from Pune, India

Whore is a very strong word but you are a dear friend. There is a lot to learn from you too, Jack. From your photos and from what you say. And I must thank you (something I never did) for being supportive and always appreciating my photographs. It is encouraging and very helpful in keeping me on path to achiever better photography.

15 May 2009 6:14pm

@Ajay: It was a very lame attempt at humor, Ajay. One thing is for certain, our friendship is deep and solid.

marc battault from clermont ferrand, France

beautiful colors here, jack and a wonderful haul slow "on the waterfall!

15 May 2009 6:33pm

Marie-Hélène Ammor from Casablanca/Paris, Morocco

This is very beautiful ! Colors are great and water is superb ! I agree with your text ,coming every day on Aminus is really the way to get connected with all this diversity of photographs !

15 May 2009 6:37pm

@Marie-Hélène Ammor: Thank you, M-H. Am3 is one dynamite community.

@Golshan from Tehran, Iran

lovely view

15 May 2009 7:04pm

Onlymehdi from Wayne, United States


15 May 2009 8:20pm

@Onlymehdi: Thank you.

chrissy from uk, United Kingdom

wow what a beautiful place, amazing shot

15 May 2009 8:24pm

@chrissy: Thanks, Chrissy.

mo.langel from Courtelary, Switzerland

Beautiful place! Great shot Jack! :o)

15 May 2009 8:31pm

@mo.langel: Thanks, Mo.

Ricardo from Valencia, Venezuela

Great shot! love the color!

15 May 2009 8:36pm

@Ricardo: Thank you, Ricardo.

Richard_Irwin from Belper, United Kingdom

You have some great goals, and a fantastic journey ahead. Photography should be a journey of discovery, with so many roadways, streets and avenues, each one to be explored a hundred different ways. AM3 is just one way to express your photographic creativity, so don't limit yourself to what might just work on a screen, and after all AM3 is about fun and connectivity, so really, just have fun with what you post everyday. What I like doing is picking out images I've hardly glanced at after I took them, then play with them a bit to pull out different messages and ideas. I think its perhaps more Taoist than Zen, but my motto is always 'Be Surprised'

15 May 2009 8:46pm

@Richard_Irwin: Thank you very much, Richard, for your thoughtful comment.

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

It's to late today... and it's difficult for me to understand all your text... i 'll use the translator tomorrow... :-))
But now i can say that your picture is really a success, use of "your" Hdr is a good choice and certainly improve the quality of this picture because it's not a very hard treatment and it keeps real colors. Sometime i find that use of Hdr is a little to much and is out of touch with reality....

15 May 2009 9:56pm

@Evelyne Dubos: Thanks, Evelyne. You probably could just as well skip what I said today and read my follow-up tomorrow.

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Dear Jack,
I've just read more of the comments since I was here this morning....and I hate to think that you feel "scattered" about your photographic journey...Since photography seems to be a "hobby" for most of us here, my thoughts are that I don't want to head in just "one direction" with my camera....although I love macro flowers, I also love sunrises and sunsets...I just hope that you have been able to work thru your feelings earlier, and just sit back and ENJOY your photographic journey!!
And if your offer of a free print is still valid, I would love your lily from yesterday.....I still don't know if you did any post processing on it, but it is gorgeous, and I would cherish a signed copy....and i'll happily to the same for you!!

15 May 2009 10:19pm

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

Beautifully framed and composed shot! The HDR treatment is appropriate in this case. ;-)

15 May 2009 10:28pm

@Eric Cousineau: Thanks, Eric.

observing from North West, United Kingdom

Perfection Jack, an excellent shot of the waterfall...!

15 May 2009 11:01pm

@observing: Thank you.

akarui from Kagoshima, Japan

A wonderful place to have a walk. Have a nice weekend.

15 May 2009 11:05pm

@akarui: You have a nice weekend as well.

LauraS from Chico, United States

Lovely photo, Jack. Looks like a very special place.

16 May 2009 12:44am

Mariana from waterloo, Canada

Gorgeous place for scrolling around and taking great shots, just like this you show us . Great !

16 May 2009 1:07am

Michael from United States

very pretty. very calm. like it.

16 May 2009 1:52am

Lee from Fort Frances Ontario, Canada

Well, you have said a mouthful today Jack. I also can understand your goal. You are definately a good photographer as are the rest of us. We all wish to be great photographers. It is important to me that I can view other peoples work. I wish to learn from them also. When I was younger I learned I was only as good as my competition. Well I am no longer competing against anyone. I am now my only competitor. As far as award winning shots, or quality shots, I do well to get 4-5 a year. Sometimes I only get 1 or 2 a year. That is not to many considering I have shot over 500,000 images in digital.
I do not feel like a prostitute posting an image every day. I will post while I can. When I have run out of subject matter and time I will stop posting. Every one of us can and do help and encourage others. I enjoy wildlife photography (as if you did not know that), while I'm out roaming around it is peaceful and serene. I love the outdoors. I am not an urban city dweller. I need my space. And I am eternally grateful to Aminus 3 for allowing me to display what I witness every day. I am also grateful for all the people who comment and support my works. I will try to assist anyone in any way that I can. Thank for the acknowledgement. I do appreciate it. Take care my friend and may all your shots be focused and properly exposed.
Oh, great shot today btw.

16 May 2009 2:44am

@Lee: Thanks, Lee. The "whore" bit was over the top and was a bad attempt at humor that came out of the Luther quote. I don't now and never have felt that I have prostituted myself; not for a minute (well, maybe a minute).

Lee from Fort Frances Ontario, Canada

Well, you have said a mouthful today Jack. I also can understand your goal. You are definately a good photographer as are the rest of us. We all wish to be great photographers. It is important to me that I can view other peoples work. I wish to learn from them also. When I was younger I learned I was only as good as my competition. Well I am no longer competing against anyone. I am now my only competitor. As far as award winning shots, or quality shots, I do well to get 4-5 a year. Sometimes I only get 1 or 2 a year. That is not to many considering I have shot over 500,000 images in digital.
I do not feel like a prostitute posting an image every day. I will post while I can. When I have run out of subject matter and time I will stop posting. Every one of us can and do help and encourage others. I enjoy wildlife photography (as if you did not know that), while I'm out roaming around it is peaceful and serene. I love the outdoors. I am not an urban city dweller. I need my space. And I am eternally grateful to Aminus 3 for allowing me to display what I witness every day. I am also grateful for all the people who comment and support my works. I will try to assist anyone in any way that I can. Thank for the acknowledgement. I do appreciate it. Take care my friend and may all your shots be focused and properly exposed.
Oh, great shot today btw.

16 May 2009 2:46am

Monique from Koh Samui, Thailand

This is really beautiful ... the colors are amazing and I like the composition very much with the wall so dominant in view leading the eye to the wonderful water fall, great job!

16 May 2009 2:56am

Nicholas from Shah Alam, Malaysia

Well, if you don't share, you don't learn. It is by sharing the bad shots with all these great photographers here in AM3 that we can learn what we did wrong, what we did right. Have fun and I'll certainly list you as one of the finest photographers I know :)

16 May 2009 3:52am

@Nicholas: Thanks, Nicholas; you are very kind.

Bill Jennings from Bay Area Northern Calif, United States

Jack, there are volumes in what you say - and how the community is rising to reinforce your goals and you musings. I respect you for coming out and sharing these goals, so we all can reflect on why we take photos. Excellent leadership in the artistic community to inspire us to consider what motivates our passion. Great image, as well!

16 May 2009 4:08am

@Bill Jennings: Thank you; you are way too kind, Bill.

ordinaryimages from Kentucky Bluegrass, United States

I view my photoblog as a daily journal that reflects a body of work with all it's inconsistencies. The correction of those inconsistencies fuels the work and continues the challenge. Often I use a hammer to big where a soft brush was intended.

I have a year's work coming up for personal evaluation, and discounting the turkeys put up in haste to meet deadline, I see two styles of images which need melding into one by letting up on the dark petal to allow more air to enter the frame, and meet my steadfast desire of presenting atmospheric light and gesture, and getting it right in the camera rather than relying on my extensive editing skills.

The requirement of the daily post condenses time as the hits and misses are there for all to see. I have no idea what tomorrows ordinary shot will be, but I will approach it in an attempt to sell the frame with atmospheric light and gesture! best...jerry

16 May 2009 5:22am

@ordinaryimages: Thank you for laying out your own position and goals. I wish more would do the same. Going to your opening statement, I think that any of us who post photographs daily expose our inconsistencies; that's true of even the best of us.

Eleftheria from Athens, Greece


16 May 2009 6:46am

Mirko Herzner from Mühlheim am Main, Germany

Perfect use of HDR processing here. Amazing colors. Even though we haven't met so far, your words are touching...

16 May 2009 10:00am

@Mirko Herzner: Thank you, Mirko.

Anita from West Nottingham, United States

Excellent use of HDR--subtle and effective.

Re your ruminations--thank you for sharing. You inspired thoughtful responses.

I have noticed that since you joined the am3 community, your circle of friends has steadily increased. Each time I want to post a comment, I have to scroll further down the page. This is a demonstration of how important the community aspect is to you. A photoblog is a perfect medium for community for introverts.

I'm finding I need to be selective in the number of blogs I visit and the number of comments I make. I visit more blogs than I comment on. Reason: time, or rather, lack of it.

I started my photoblog with the goal of improving as a photographer through a commitment to regular posting of new images. For the first 9 or so months, I posted daily. Then, switched to every-other-day, which suits me better. I believe my goal is being met--I'm slowly improving.

I'm in the midst of clarifying the goals of my photography. Don't have much to say about it yet except that some goals remain the same: to photograph what I love, to see the world better by photographing it, to discover unseen worlds through photography, and to share all this with others.

Peace to you and all on this joyful journey.

16 May 2009 10:58am

@Anita: Thank you, Anita, for such a thoughtful comment.

Toni from Eastern Washington, United States

You are certainly an excellent advocate for the am3 community, Jack. Wish I had the time to blog here as well, but time is in short supply these days. Excellent commentary to accompany your beautiful image, and definitely words to think about. One of the things I love about this image is that it isn't over done on the HDR. You stopped at precisely the right moment for the absolute best result, bringing out all the lovely detail.

16 May 2009 7:24pm

@Toni: Thanks, Toni; I am feeling increasingly comfortable doing HDR. My goal is for no one to know that it is HDR,

Denise from Duncannon, United States

Good evening J4J, your words today have made me think..... I , and many others, find your work remarkable and I believe you are much too critical of your works. I love scanning other's photos and have found each day I might learn something about another's culture or environment; giggle at a comment or response; or just smile when someone finds one of my photos to his/her liking. For me this is an outlet that I need during stressful days at work and home and thank Him above for providing this circle of friends, most I will never meet, some I will pray for and others I actually work with. Thanks for bringing me smile:)

17 May 2009 12:39am

@Denise: First of all, thank you for your kind words. Second, read Jerry's (ordinaryimages) comment above yours on my blog; he sees his daily posts as a kind of journal of his work. I like that concept. What we post is not necessarily what we would put up on the wall, but it does reflect our journey. Nice.

Cricket-Tammy from Alabama, United States

Me...running up the end again. I am giving life all i have right now and I seem to never make it on time.

This was so touching. So beautiful. I have felt like this since I first joined Aminus 3. The friendship that each of of shares through the love of photography is so strong. I feel like it has become my second family. lol I even joined FACEBOOK to get to know many of you better. One day we need to plan a Aminus 3 trip to meet up somewhere. That would be great.

You are a precious friend to each of us.

I shall not forget this beautiful photograph and words that you expressed.

17 May 2009 3:02am

@Cricket-Tammy: Thank you, dear one.

Didier DE ZAN from somewhere, France

This is really a wonderful shot I like the treatment and the colors and people looking at this falls gave life to this view very very beautiful

17 May 2009 8:00am

Dan Creighton from Pottstown, United States

Like your essay. This image is Zen and for me fine art (without the person at right, my subjective vision I guess). Beautiful.

17 May 2009 3:19pm

PATRICK from miramas, France

wow!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful place ! it's very amazing

17 May 2009 4:16pm

Magda from Vancouver, Canada

Gorgeous!!! Outstanding! The exposure is perfect!!!

18 May 2009 2:49am

Francesc B. from région parisienne, France

Marvelous greens... and light.

18 May 2009 3:00pm

Darin from Seattle, United States

Nice composition. Well done.

18 May 2009 5:17pm

Beau from Gold Coast, Australia

Gorgeous photograph. Perfect exposure, great colours and the inclusion of the people gives a great sense of scale ;)

19 May 2009 8:02am