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Posted by
john4jack (Corvallis, Oregon, United States) on 26 November 2009 in Transportation and Portfolio.

Personally I like the up close and personal shots the best.

Dave duChemin in his new ebook, "Chasing-the-Look," has a section on experimenting with different shutter speeds. He says, "I think we don't play with motion and the look of specific shutter speeds because we're scared. Scared of failure. Scared of images that aren't perfectly in focus. (How come we're not equally scared of creating boring, safe images?)" That question haunts me, and it haunts me not only in playing with shutter speeds; it haunts me with every aspect of my photography. The thought of being boring and safe makes me shudder.

THANKSGIVING, which we celebrate in the US today, is my favorite of all of the holidays. The entire nation, no matter what ones race, religion (or lack of religion), creed, politics, or anything else, the entire nation pauses to give thanks. I believe that all meaningful living is grounded in gratitude.

NIKON D300 1/30 second F/8.0 ISO 200 105 mm (35mm equiv.)

Nicholas from Shah Alam, Malaysia

I love this. Great sense of movement.

26 Nov 2009 5:22am

@Nicholas: Thanks.

PATRICK from miramas, France

great capture

26 Nov 2009 6:45am

Lyl and Roll from Besançon, France

WOW ! Great Jack ! We here the monster from here !

26 Nov 2009 6:47am

Foto-aksent from Binkom, Belgium

This is one of your best! Super! Such a movement in one picture!

26 Nov 2009 7:08am

@Foto-aksent: Thank you.

Dulcie from Danville, CA, United States of my favorites! This has movement and mystery and emotion. Fun to see you use Sepia, too.

26 Nov 2009 7:12am

@Dulcie: This just may be the best shot of the day on the Sumpter Railway.

Mirjam from Kiev, Ukraine

Wonderful movement.

26 Nov 2009 7:14am

@Mirjam: Thank you.

Marie LC from Voiron, France

I prefer your yesterday shot

26 Nov 2009 7:29am

@Marie LC: That's what I love about art; we are each free to have our own preferences. Personally, I think that this is a superior photograph; as I've said, the best of the day on the Sumpter Railway.

JPS from Le Havre, France

" La bête humaine " Human beast !! Great shot...

26 Nov 2009 7:48am

@JPS: Merci.

missparis from PARIS, France

Grandiose !

26 Nov 2009 8:24am

@missparis: Merci.

dan from Paris, France

Here is which is interesting !
We guess the train thrown to full speed ! Attention not to take risks (laughter)

26 Nov 2009 8:28am

Anina from Auckland, New Zealand

WOW! A very inspiring narrative - thanks Jack. You have me thinking...
I can see why this is one of your favourites - I love it. Great sepia tones and movement. Well done
Happy Thanksgiving :)

26 Nov 2009 8:42am

@Anina: Thank you.

Sarito from Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Superb shot.. motion blur on the wheels.. jsut great.

Happy Thanks Giving.

26 Nov 2009 8:53am

@Sarito: Thank you.

Marion from Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Boy, does this ever give you the sense of motion and travelling. Excellent processing. I love it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

26 Nov 2009 9:16am

@Marion: Thank you.

MrsAmber from West Wickham, United Kingdom

Happy Thanksgiving to you. You have captured the energy in this shot..hope you have energy like this later today after you've eaten all that turkey!! ;o)

26 Nov 2009 9:57am

@MrsAmber: Ha! ha! Don't count on it!!

Adela Fonts Artús from Barcelona, Spain

A stunning representation of the tensile force of the steam engine! You can hear the sound and smell smoke! Thanks for this fantastic photo! Thanks for this picture! Greetings. Adela

26 Nov 2009 10:09am

@Adela Fonts Artús: Gracias.

Veronelle from Lens, France

great idea, moving treatment and sepia

26 Nov 2009 10:26am

@Veronelle: Merci.

Vitor Martins from Lisboa, Portugal

Beautiful imagem. The sensation of movement is fantastic.

26 Nov 2009 10:46am

@Vitor Martins: Thank you.

[email protected] from Paris, France

Ha, we think alike today, it seems, not scared at all in experimenting slow shutter speed the same day ;)) Love that silent connection, Jack - and of course I love your photo, the movement here is palpable and, once again, it brings (even better) the sound with it. Totally successful attempt ! Let's have fun with our cameras more than trying to do Perfect stuff (since Perfection does not exist and is rather boring for sure ;)

26 Nov 2009 10:57am

@[email protected]: Merci. Between passion and perfection, perfection always loses.

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Wow, a very good shot, I like very much the ambience created and the protagonism of the wheels in motion.

26 Nov 2009 11:39am

@Paco Díaz: Gracias.

Sriram from Chennai, India

Interesting shot!

26 Nov 2009 12:26pm

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Tremendous, power and motion together in one shot.

26 Nov 2009 12:43pm

@Curly: Many thanks.

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan

Yesterday's one or today's one... I can not choose, Jack. I like both. Nice 1/30 sec shot !

26 Nov 2009 1:25pm

@Hiro: Generally I don't make comparisons. Each photograph needs to stand on its own. 1/30 seemed to create the effect that I wanted. Of course, to some degree, it was luck. The task is to organize your luck.

Judy from Brooksville, Florida, United States

Movement galore, yet precise focus on one area ... wonderfully captured!
Happy Thanksgiving!

26 Nov 2009 2:09pm

@Judy: Thanks.

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

Super shot . Very cool mood created !

26 Nov 2009 3:35pm

@MARIANA: Merci. I'm not quite certain why I like this shot so much but I do.

Macrobaby from Vancouver, Canada

This is are making it difficult for us to pick a favorite. Love the motion in this one. You can feel it and hear it.

26 Nov 2009 3:39pm

@Macrobaby: There is absolutely no need to make choices. Each stands on it own two feet. Thanks for your comment.

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Great catch!!! And you've summed up today beautifully!! Enjoy!!

26 Nov 2009 3:39pm

@Susan: Thanks.

Magda from Vancouver, Canada

I can feel the sense of speed. Great choice of mono for this image. Great framing too

26 Nov 2009 4:15pm

@Magda: Thanks. It demanded B&W.

Slackwater - don from spokane, United States

A very strong image for its capture of the essence of motion. The shot is filled with the feeling of power. The question raised about safe and boring is one all of us should think about. I think I've made many, many safe and boring shots! :-)

26 Nov 2009 4:25pm

@Slackwater - don: When I look back at some of my photographs, it is downright embarrassing!!

Denise from Duncannon, United States

HIstory comes to life!!!!

26 Nov 2009 7:06pm

jamesy from christchurch, New Zealand

Love it

26 Nov 2009 7:31pm

LauraS from Chico, United States

Wow, how close were you? WoW! Happy Thanksgiving, Jack.

26 Nov 2009 8:02pm

zOOm from Paris, France

Around the world ?!? I come with you.
Thanks for your com of the day Jack.
I feel sorry for you, as I was also yesterday...

Yes it was my birthday, right. But it's also 45 years that I live without my twin sister. Of course, I 'm aware that the most important is that I'm alive and healthy. But... well, I miss her sometimes. Often, would be more relevant.

I'm leaving Paris for a long w-e. I'll back on your blog by the beginning of next week.
Have a nice week-end Jack.

26 Nov 2009 8:08pm

@zOOm: So sorry to hear about your sister. That's tough.

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

I like all the shots. This is a great one with all that motion. Very well done.

26 Nov 2009 8:42pm

@Steve Rice: Thanks, Steve.

bluechameleon from Vancouver, Canada

Great capture Jack. The light and the motion is superb!

26 Nov 2009 9:12pm

@bluechameleon: Thanks, Sharon.

Stefan from Thiersee, Austria


26 Nov 2009 9:36pm

Seraphine from San Francisco, United States

i hope you used a big lens on your camera. i'd never get that close to a moving train. they are noisy, windy and scary up close.

26 Nov 2009 11:36pm

@Seraphine: I was awfully close.

Mirza Ahmad from Thames Ditton, United Kingdom

Nicely processed.

27 Nov 2009 12:00am

@Mirza Ahmad: Thank you.

Ajay from Pune, India

I love it. I don't know how you managed it. But this is a gem.

27 Nov 2009 1:42am

@Ajay: I got in close and used a shutter speed of 1/30 sec. What amazed me was the way that certain parts of the image (some of the bolts for example) ended up tack sharp. The train was really moving.

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

A nice capture of action with the blur of the wheels and the dirt cloud. Love your sentiments about Thanksgiving. Now if was all but one day a year. :-)

27 Nov 2009 3:21am

Didier DE ZAN from somewhere, France

Great movment shot

27 Nov 2009 5:54am

Annie Viguié from Bordeaux, France

Wonderful Jack !!!!!

27 Nov 2009 10:07am

Claudia from Illinois, United States

Spectacular! Jack, I think you need to make a "Blurb" book with all your train photos in it. I would definitely buy it! :)

27 Nov 2009 3:21pm

Japanalia from Yokohama, Japan

Spectacular feeling of movement!

29 Nov 2009 6:08am

dj.tigersprout from New York City, United States

wonderfully cinematic -- 5 stars!!!

30 Nov 2009 4:58pm

@dj.tigersprout: Thanks. Maybe my favorite of the series.

Francesc B. from région parisienne, France

Another century... Beautiful memories...Like a very very old photo... excellent work...

30 Nov 2009 9:17pm

@Francesc B.: Merci. I love this shot.