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Cala Color

Posted by
john4jack (Corvallis, Oregon, United States) on 28 July 2010 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

TECHNOLOGY AND VISION - I definitely agree with David duChemin that technology should be at the service of our vision, as well as his awareness that the full expression of our vision needs the technology that is available. Less than eight years ago, I did not own a computer and had never used one. 5.5 yrs. ago, I bought my first P&S digital camera (although I had been doing photography since the early 50s). iPhoto was my original photo editor. In the fall of 2005, I got PS 7, and with Adobe's massive book, began the steep learning curve into the world of Photoshop. Much of what I learned, I have never used. Two years ago, I purchased Lightroom, which felt like a Godsend. And I also purchased Nik's and onOne's plug-ins. These have come to form the core of my photo processing. Late in 2006, I got my first DSLR, a Nikon D80, and later purchased a D300 and then a D700; plus I have some fine lenses. All of the above are my technological resources. Over these past few years, my vision has been sorely neglected. But now that I have honed the technological tools that work for me, I am ready to return to what matters most, my artistic vision. The left side of my brain is exhausted, and I truly look forward to giving the right side the attention that it deserves. Intuition, feeling, subtlety, nuance, ambiguity, sensitivity, etc., etc. - all of these hold great attraction. I feel very much like I have been in a foreign land and am ready to return home.

NIKON D700 1/3200 second F/8.0 ISO 400 50 mm (35mm equiv.)

Marie LC from France

I like very much this version also but I keep a preference for the black and the white

28 Jul 2010 5:32am

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

I like the composition : they are in line and eyes follow them

28 Jul 2010 5:39am

Sof from Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Très joli aussi en couleur

28 Jul 2010 5:49am

✿ Anina ✿ from Auckland, New Zealand

You have such a wonderful way with words and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts about TECHNOLOGY AND VISION. I feel like a real idiot now, but also motivated at the same time. Like I said before, I'm a real blonde when it comes to technology, especially processing... I think I lost half my brain cells the day I fell pregnant with my daughter, but that's besides the point... You just convinced me to do something about that!
PS: The colour version is lovely - I can't decide which one I like most.

28 Jul 2010 5:54am

LauraS from Chico, United States

Thanks for the historical narrative, Jack! I love both photos, but have a weakness for the color! Keep up the quest for your artistic, creative brain.

28 Jul 2010 6:12am

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Beautiful color and detail, I think I prefer this one. Good work!

28 Jul 2010 6:15am

jamesy from christchurch, New Zealand

beautiful shot We call these Arum Lillies here in NZ

28 Jul 2010 6:24am

MK from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ummmm....i think i prefer it in colors

28 Jul 2010 6:34am

Peggy M. from somewhere in, France

A beautiful time in you page... I love your shot. Kisses

28 Jul 2010 7:17am

Anneka from Bray, Ireland

I like both but prefer the colour. The background fits better.
The stem of the lower flower in the BnW are lost..... but then, does it have to make's a beautiful image.
Thanks for your interesting intro - I'm on a P and S and considering a purchase. Good day to you.

28 Jul 2010 7:39am

Fonts from Barcelona, Spain

Great explanation and very interesting friend Jack! I like these fresh water lilies and smooth! The transparencies of its calyx perfect! An image that cheers the spirit! I hope that all goes well! Muchos besos amigo! Adela

28 Jul 2010 7:59am

Manola from Bassens, France


28 Jul 2010 8:42am

Sharat from Bangalore, India

splendid shot...

28 Jul 2010 8:50am

Elena Kotrotsou from Drossia, Greece

Very beautiful!!!

28 Jul 2010 9:42am

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

I love both equally although the feeling is slightly different, they're both masterpieces, wow Jack

28 Jul 2010 11:01am

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

Very well-said sir (and the image is very well conveyed here.) I have to agree with your words and I also love the quote

28 Jul 2010 12:36pm

Luca Bobbiesi from Milano, Italy

Beautiful composition and fantastic light.

28 Jul 2010 12:36pm

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan

Ummmmm, it is difficult to choose one.... Well, I choose BW one !

28 Jul 2010 12:58pm

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

Gorgeous in colors too, but you know what I am going to say more - Yes, BW is much more delicious and delicate, and elegant !

28 Jul 2010 1:05pm

@MARIANA: Thanks, Mariana. Just like beautiful women, more elegant in black.

Paul from summerside, Canada

Beautiful plant nice focus

28 Jul 2010 1:12pm

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

That is right :)) Cool comparison ;))

28 Jul 2010 1:13pm

B.Held from Santa Fe, United States

stunning work

28 Jul 2010 1:29pm

kate from lincolnshire, United Kingdom

beautifully photographed!! they are stunning!!!:)

28 Jul 2010 1:54pm

Tede from Aubenas 07, France

They are also superb colors, very nice presentation. Good day.

28 Jul 2010 1:55pm

k@ from Paris, France

Love what you say about vision, returning to the essential after having explored the tool at its max (even more), great instinct - and color version here gives another vision about Time, closeness, mood, more smiling & less dramatic, lighter & sunnier. 2 profiles of the same world, good to alternate, that's Life too.

28 Jul 2010 2:15pm

vu@granby - Wolfgang from Granby, Québec, Canada

A beautiful postcard! Well done!

28 Jul 2010 2:15pm

tataray from france, France

Superbe cliché. ))

28 Jul 2010 2:37pm

Don from spokane, United States

A fine shot of these blossoms. I found your description very interesting. It's so easy to let the fascinating world of technology to get more attention than it should have for us photo types.

28 Jul 2010 2:51pm

Marie from FRESNES, France

jolie photo.

28 Jul 2010 2:51pm

Michael Rawluk from Canada

I have to say that the version b+w is my preference.

Digital photography is cheaper and easier but film really develops the photography eye. It makes you more contemplative. I still find myself shooting like it's film and spend more time thinking than pressing the shutter release.

28 Jul 2010 3:06pm

Bettina from Los Angeles, United States

Very beautiful! Such deep colors and wonderful light. Excellent in your composition and framing.

28 Jul 2010 3:09pm

pixator from kerman, Iran

Very beautiful !

28 Jul 2010 4:41pm

❀ Yvonne Simons ❀ from Tilburg, Netherlands

Also beautiful!!

28 Jul 2010 5:26pm

Judy aka Ladybug from Brooksville, Florida, United States

This is wonderful, Jack ... a real prize!

28 Jul 2010 6:32pm

PATRICK from miramas, France

marvelous 5*****

28 Jul 2010 7:23pm

Craig from Vacaville, California, United States

Nice control of DoF. Fantastic shot!

28 Jul 2010 7:42pm

Vahid from Tabriz, Iran

very Beautiful ! 5/5

28 Jul 2010 8:11pm

♏arleen from Netherlands

I'm in favour for this one....:-)

28 Jul 2010 8:25pm

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

Great clarity!

28 Jul 2010 8:31pm

kiwisa from North Shore, New Zealand

Great bio on your sojourn into modern photography. It is true that we know spend so much time on the technical side the vision is sometimes lost. However Jack your images do not lose this vision and once again I'm in awe of your beautiful lilies. :)

28 Jul 2010 9:53pm

Susan from Pompano Beach, FL, USA from Pompano Beach, United States

time to get back to the "fun" part of photograpy, ey? sounds like a great plan........and as lovely as this shot is, this is one rare time when i actually like the b&w image more.....just more striking, with the contrast.......but whatever you do, it's always enjoyable !!!

28 Jul 2010 10:59pm

@Susan from Pompano Beach, FL, USA: Thank you. I lean toward the B&W with this one. Actually I was surprised at the number of people who preferred the color version.

Wild Mustang Photography from Carlisle, United States

WOW! Beautiful composition! Nice clarity and color! Details are fabulous, like I can touch them!!!

29 Jul 2010 1:03am

Dutçh from Chicagoland, United States

Very elegant, Jack.

29 Jul 2010 1:40am

willow from Chelsea, United States

Lovely in color as well - would have a hard time choosing between them. And I can't wait to see where your artistic vvision takes us next - I agree that all the technology, while maybe necessary, can kind of dull the creative spark at times.

29 Jul 2010 2:12am

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

I love the contrast in color and this color composition seems to add a little more depth than yesterday's B&W; but both are equally exquisite.

29 Jul 2010 3:26am

Diane from Hythe, Canada

enjoy your journey home Jack

29 Jul 2010 4:17am

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

Your images speak for you, Jack. I don't hear anything about a foreign land. Your images are full of beauty, light, and creativity.

If any of that gear becomes a burden, throw it my way. ;-)

29 Jul 2010 10:11pm

@Steve Rice: Actually, I love my technology. The D300 and the D700 are so similar that moving back and forth is seamless. My software (I manage files in LR and do much of my editing there; if I use plug-ins I go to PS for a variety of reasons) is now highly streamlined. Most of what I need to do with technology these days is fine tuning.

Thanks for your kind words.

digitalCG from Manchester, United Kingdom

Lovely image Jack, exercising the left side to learn these technologies will allow your right side to fulfil all possible potential - I know too many people that are artistically boundless but trapped due to their lack of will to learn the tools at their disposal. Sadly I'm predominantly left-sided and don't have much of a vision :(

2 Aug 2010 7:07am

@digitalCG: I've been on a left side overload these past few years. My goal is to give my right side free reign for awhile.

StarCosmosBleu from Bedford.Qc, Canada

I stay with the same feeling..pure and beautiful...

19 Aug 2010 3:02am