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Toketee Falls

Posted by
john4jack (Corvallis, Oregon, United States) on 20 October 2010 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

This is one of the most photogenic waterfalls in Oregon. This ends the Crater Lake series. (For what it's worth, this is a 5 shot HDR photograph processed through Photomatix 4. In another week, I'll post some results of using Nik's new HDR Efex Pro.)


"Broken Record
Oct 19 (commentary)--Yes, I know that sometimes I sound like a broken record, but the D7000 questions popping up in my In Box also seem like a great deal of deja vu.

People seem to believe that a new camera magically makes their photos better. I would say that this is typically not the case, and for many reasons. Here's just a few:

We're in the age of declining returns. While more megapixels sound great at the simplest level (Act Now! 16 is better than 12! 14 is better than 10!), it actually takes 4x the pixels to double the capture resolution (e.g., to double 12mp's resolution, you'd need 48mp). When you subtract out diffraction impacts, the actual change in measured resolution in the new cameras is relatively modest, about at the threshold of what can be perceived at 100% view. The simple fact of the matter is that many people want more pixels because they have the wrong lens and need to crop more. If you can't see that this problem is more easily fixable by getting the right lens or spending a little more time on your composition, a new camera isn't really going to help as much as you think (and is going to increase your workflow if you're cropping everything after the fact).

Noise isn't really measurable, it's mostly perceivable. Yes, technically we can "measure" noise, but the measurements you see posted all over the Internet are mostly meaningless. You can have the same noise measurement from two cameras and one will simply look better than the other to most viewers. Beyond that, luminance noise isn't all that objectionable in the first place, and Nikon bodies have long been good at banishing color noise. One of the primary drivers of "I want better high ISO capability" is again using the wrong lens. If you're using a kit lens that's at f/5.6, you're two stops worse than you'd be with the f/2.8 fixed lens. The latest cameras aren't two stops better than the last generation. You may be better off buying the right lens than a new camera.

Your images should already be better than film quality. There hasn't been anything wrong with DSLRs for some time (I'm tempted to say going back to the 6mp cameras, but certainly since the 12mp generation). I've long preached that if images you print at the maximum size of a desktop inkjet (13x19") aren't good, then it isn't the camera that's the issue. The problem is how you set it or used it. When I say that, the claim usually becomes that newer camaras should set themselves better. Really? In what way? Exposure in Nikon bodies has always been quite good (and you D80 users only had to move to center-weighted metering and learn to use that, so the exceptions haven't been all that problematic). We've had Active D-Lighting and other "magic" settings in our DSLRs for awhile now. No, it's the gross user errors that people are expecting to be fixed, but people who aren't willing to fix those themselves probably shouldn't be using DSLRs--they're buying a lot of buttons and controls for nothing.

This isn't to say that there aren't people who should upgrade. (Yes, I too had to read that sentence a few times to make sure the double negative was right ;~). But you have to be realistic about what it is that you're getting by updating."

NIKON D700 1/2 second F/16.0 ISO 200 65 mm (35mm equiv.)

MissT from Chicagoland, United States


20 Oct 2010 5:08am

Michael Rawluk from Williams Lake, BC, Canada

That is so beautiful that it looks like it can't be real. How stunning. (And I am so jealous.)

20 Oct 2010 5:15am

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Fantastic! Great view and good contro of light!

20 Oct 2010 5:37am

LauraS from Chico, United States

Incredible photo, Jack. Truly inspiring!

20 Oct 2010 5:50am

DULCIE from Danville, CA, United States

HDR's aren't my cup of tea, but I can see how this one fills the bill for those who like this kind of effect.
And your catch of this three level waterfall is inspiring...I want to go there and see this !!

20 Oct 2010 6:18am

@DULCIE: to my eye, it doesn't have that much of an hdr effect. it really looks very much like it actually was. next week i'll show you some more creative stuff.

STEED from Somewhere, France

With the Spirit of Marylin all around...

20 Oct 2010 6:39am

Tede from Aubenas 07, France

Splendid series of cascades in these basaltic flows, superb shot. Good day.

20 Oct 2010 7:06am

oncho from granada, Spain

Great colors, incredible work

20 Oct 2010 7:12am

kiwisa from North Shore, New Zealand

All I can say is WOW for the 5HDR. Super processing Jack.

20 Oct 2010 7:55am

Florence from Paris, France

Nice work on shutter speed Jack, water falls looking like a white dress...

20 Oct 2010 8:05am

@Florence: Thank you. Getting the shutter speed right is not easy. I have to be careful not to shoot too slow.

Adela Fonts from Barcelona, Spain

A wonderful reading your lecture. I humbly believe that you have every reason in the world. I say this with the limited knowledge I have of the world and the wonderful digital cameras that are put on sale every day that passes. I think I told you once ... You have good insurance photographic equipment but you get excellent results every day are the result of your intelligence and your photographic art. This if I'm sure master! Without any doubt! This is not improved ... is so because at the moment! The photographic act itself is a certain image that resonates in the interior of the fans ... something that the machine does not know or can do ... it is up to you! When an image does not know "talk" with or without sound ... is a failed gesture of the photographer.
At the moment nobody has convinced me I'm wrong! And I'm old enough now ...
And when I leave here ... I hope I have managed to express myself in my "excellent" English! I'm going to dip between the beautiful women are definitely water in your transparent waterfalls .... I can hear his music to speak ... your spirit has brought them full of photographic magic for those who believe in you and in your art!
A kiss and a hug for you, Master Jack! Adela

20 Oct 2010 8:28am

@Adela Fonts: you are incredibly kind

Sarito from Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Beautiful shot..

20 Oct 2010 8:46am

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan

What a beautiful waterfall ! And what a beautiful photo ! I like this doubled waterfall a lot.

20 Oct 2010 8:59am

P J W Miller from Chase Terrace, United Kingdom

I can sum it up as Gorgeous and delightful

20 Oct 2010 9:26am

Theys monochrome. from Charleroi, Belgium

Exceptional use Color,very good photo Jack

20 Oct 2010 9:36am

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

I can see why this is one of the most shot falls-it's lovely-but your rendition of it does it proud

20 Oct 2010 9:42am

Sylvie49 capture image from Anjou - Maine et Loire, France

Very beautiful, fantastic.

20 Oct 2010 10:53am

Marie LC from Dauphiné, France

Just superb Jack !

20 Oct 2010 10:57am

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

Beautiful capture, like the patterns of the rocks all around the waterfall and its rendering like a wedding veil.

20 Oct 2010 11:32am

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

Beautiful capture, like the patterns of the rocks all around the waterfall and its rendering like a wedding veil.

20 Oct 2010 11:37am

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

I can see why it is one of the most photogenic waterfalls in the area! Although I am not much of an HDR fan, this shot does not have a strong HDR feel to it! The strong contrast between the falls and the surrounding rocks is exceptional! Well done Jack! ;-)

20 Oct 2010 11:46am

Mariana Maodush from Waterloo, Canada

Splendid image . Great compo and super colors :)

20 Oct 2010 11:54am

Larry Elkins from Bisbee, United States

Impressive beauty

20 Oct 2010 12:02pm

London Caller from United Kingdom

Absolutely awesome!
Like the "lines"!
All blend in pretty well.

20 Oct 2010 1:34pm

Judy aka L@dybug from Brooksville, Florida, United States

Wonderful processing on this gorgeous scene, Jack.

20 Oct 2010 2:36pm

JJ from Jersey City, United States

Such a beautiful capture of these majestic falls, very subtle HDR work, looks so realistic and real as if viewing it directly

20 Oct 2010 3:01pm

Don from Spokane, United States

That is one gorgeous waterfall... and you've shown it very well with this image. I'll be interested to see the results of the new HDR program.

20 Oct 2010 3:15pm

Sunder from Chennai, India

Awesome shot!
love the colours and processing...

20 Oct 2010 3:56pm

Gary from Cochise County, United States

I know where I'm headed when I get up to Oregon. Just beautiful as is your composition and processing.

20 Oct 2010 4:52pm

Mhelene from Paris, France

This is very spectacular and a beautiful shot well composed even if I don't like so much treatment !

20 Oct 2010 5:57pm

Xerophytes from London, United Kingdom

Photogenic indeed.

I love it!

20 Oct 2010 7:20pm

Trina from Pennsylvania, United States

Wonderful image!

20 Oct 2010 8:08pm

Yvon from Orleans, France

great capture

20 Oct 2010 8:21pm

DowsherVision from PARIS, France

Outstanding !!!!!!

6 ****** !!!!!!!

20 Oct 2010 10:27pm

Soheil from Tehran, Iran

nice photo
well done

20 Oct 2010 10:30pm

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

I like HDR photos like this that do not look fake or "so HDR" that they do not look natural. This is gorgeous, Jack.

20 Oct 2010 11:57pm

Susan from Pompano Beach, by Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Your words today make much sense!! I'm sure the camera companies wouldn't like you advertising for them......but it's oh so true !! And you know I'm a freak for any hdr's, and this one is wonderful !! I just love the texture of the water in a shot like this !! Great work !!!

21 Oct 2010 12:33am

DarkElf from Perth, Australia

superb waterfall photo! love the saturation of the greens - they look so lush and mix well with the rocky surface! great work on the exposure as well!

21 Oct 2010 1:00am

Wild Mustang Photography from Carlisle, United States

Stunning capture and very majestic composition! Wonderful color and texture! I love HdR in all different ways depending on the shot and it depends weather you want it to look real or surreal! It depends , but i like both! We all have a different eye, and taste, and there is something for everyone! An artist should explore and experiment with techniques and tools. You never know what you will find! This is a magnificent image!

21 Oct 2010 2:28am

@Wild Mustang Photography: thank you. you are very kind

Bettina from Los Angeles, United States

Gorgeous shot! The water capture is just perfect.

21 Oct 2010 4:30am

digitalCG from Manchester, United Kingdom

Spectacular shot of a specacular location. Your upgrade thoughts are interesting too.

21 Oct 2010 12:30pm

Barbara from Florida, United States

I am numb from the beauty.
The most beautiful image of a waterfall I've ever seen.
I like the way it carved out the rock.
A 5 shot HDR, superb work, Jack. That gave remarkable results with the moving water.
Interested to see the outcome with HDR Efex Pro.
Ditto on the point you express today.

21 Oct 2010 1:36pm

@Barbara: Thank you. This actually was done with Photomatix 4 (before HDR Efex was available; all that has changed; now I am doing almost all HDR work with HDR Efex).

Dutçh from Chicagoland, United States

A professional job Jack, nicely done!

21 Oct 2010 3:39pm

Mathilde Collot from Fontainebleau, France

I read your note on the UPDATE HOGAN on modernization -

And I asked myself the same question! Why this profusion of new machines from Nikon which I believe undermines their professionalism! I know the D90 perfect little pocket-sized, I work with the D700 extraordinary case and I do not speak D3X but extremely difficult to control image rendering and especially low grades is fabulous! I think Nikon may well cover the demands of photographers. I think by then join your analysis perfectly
As for your picture of the day, I'd give anything to see one day such a stunt! Superb ......

21 Oct 2010 4:13pm

Annie Viguié from Bordeaux, France

So perfect Jack ! 5* :o)

21 Oct 2010 4:59pm

Celeb from Madrid, Spain

Wise words... and excellent picture.

21 Oct 2010 8:06pm

amy from Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Fascinating and enlightening editorial there Jack. Thank you for that! Your image is PERFECT! Again I say I wish I could go shooting with you ;-)

22 Oct 2010 3:15am

Meysam from Montreal, Canada

Sweet shot.

22 Oct 2010 8:47pm

Tillymea from Stockholm, Sweden

Oooooo stunning!!!!!

23 Oct 2010 7:24am

StarCosmosBleu from Bedford.Qc, Canada

Spectacular fall...very beautiful and nicely captured...lovely colors..i,ve heard of Nick,s HDR Efex Pro..nice to see an example like this one.....looks fantastic

25 Oct 2010 7:04am

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

Simply gorgeous!!

26 Oct 2010 9:54pm

@Steve Rice: Thanks. This is my absolute favorite HDR photograph of mine (Photomatix 4; before HDR Efex was available).